The Best Garage Flooring of 2022: 5 Upgrade Ideas

The Best Garage Flooring of 2022: 5 Upgrade Ideas

In 2022, take your garage from a dull, outdated storage room into your dream space. Discover the best garage flooring ideas to revamp your favorite room in the home.

The floor is the foundation of your whole garage, and choosing your garage floor is a big decision. Our guide will walk you through the best flooring options for your garage, so you can pick something functional, eye-catching, and stylish for years to come

How to Choose the Best Garage Flooring

Every garage requires different needs, so consider all your flooring options before purchasing. We recommend looking out for the three main features of durability, look, and cost

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Garage Flooring Considerations

Cost: Regardless of your budget, there is a garage flooring option for you. You can cover a two-car garage for approximately $400 to $6,000+. There are a lot of variables here, including durability, brand, style, installation, etcDurability: You need a floor that will stay sharp and intact from everyday abuse as well as household and vehicle chemicals. If you intend on having substantial rolling weight, look for benefits such as commercial-grade and car-jack approved. Style: Most garage flooring options offer diamond, coin, smooth, or vented patterns. If you choose tiles, you can do all sorts of fun patterns with your layout – mix and match colors, create that classic checkered look, or get crazy with full-on designs.

Other Things to Look Out For

Maintenance: You should weigh the pros and cons of products for their ease of maintenance and if they require any special cleaners, tricks, etc. Installation: Today, most garage flooring is DIY-friendly. We recommend going with our garage floor tiles for a solo project as they are the most lightweight and straightforward to install. While garage flooring rolls are equally easy to install, they are harder to maneuver alone, so having a couple of helping hands will get the job done smoother.

Best Garage Flooring Options

Swisstrax Ribtrax Tiles

Whether you’re looking for top-rated garage flooring rolls or tiles, we’ve got the best garage flooring. With excellent reviews, ultra-resilient material, and sleek designs, each of these five options is a reliable option you’re sure to love.


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Nitro Tiles Pro

Nitro Tiles Pro

The Pro version of our most popular garage floor tile. Made of impact-resistant plastic, these floor tiles are a heavy-duty option to upgrade with. Additionally, their easy-to-clean material resists chemicals, stains, and slips. With our Flooring Designer tool, you can create a 100% customized pattern to suit your desired style.


“I love the tiles, and installation was easy. Great investment!” – Leticia from White Plains, MD

How Do Nitro Tiles Pro Measure Up?

Cost 2/5


1 – least expensive to 5 – most expensive

You won’t have to sacrifice your most important benefits or your wallet with Nitro Tiles Pro garage floor tiles. They are a superb option in affordability.

Durability 5/5





1 – least durable to 5 – most durable

Nitro Tiles Pro come backed by an impressive 3-year warranty and can withstand significant weight from rolling vehicles. They’re a fantastic investment for your garage, showroom, or workshop.

Style 5/5





1 – good to 5 – best

These garage floor tiles have an eye-catching two-toned pattern to make your floor stand out. You won’t be able to find a similar style like this elsewhere as it’s brand new to the market. The line currently carries six vibrant colors, but more options are to come.


Luxury styleSlip and stain resistantExtreme durability


Limited color selection (more options coming soon)SHOP NITRO TILES PRO

Nitro Tiles

Nitro Tiles

Nitro Tiles are one of the most popular garage floor tiles on the market. They’re ultra-durable and ready to take on even the harshest garage conditions. Beyond the garage, use them for dealerships, workshops, trade shows, and more.

For the most popular looks and patterns, go with the diamond tiles and lay them in a classic checkerboard pattern.


“This is my first time using these tiles. They are super easy. To connect the tiles, you just align them and hit them with a rubber mallet. My garage looks amazing now!”- Matthew Stehlin from Cincinnati

How Do Nitro Tiles Measure Up?

Cost 2/5


1 – least expensive to 5 – most expensive

Nitro Tiles are the most affordable garage tiles on the market but come with all the attractive benefits you expect from pricier options.

Durability 5/5





1 – least durable to 5 – most durable

Vinyl tiles and rolls typically hold up better than hard tiles, but the low-profile design of Nitro Tiles makes them a strong competitor.

Style 5/5





1 – good to 5 – best

You’ll find a wide variety of colors to mix and match– from vibrant orange and blue to muted white, tan, and gray tones. Additionally, you can choose from diamond, coin, and patterns to choose the perfect one for your space.


High impact designEasy to install and cleanCustomer favorite flooring


Loud underfootSHOP NITRO TILES

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Swisstrax Ribtrax Garage Tiles

Swisstrax Ribtrax Tiles

Swisstrax is famous for its Ribtrax vented garage floor tile line. These tiles are extra-large and made right here in the USA. At 3/4″ thick, Swisstrax Ribtrax Tiles are one of the toughest garage floor tiles ever created. With over 15+ colors to choose from, you can mix and match for the perfect floor pattern.

Beyond the garage, use them for boats, docks, around the pool. The vents allow water to easily flow through with no issues or mess.


“It looks fantastic. We just finished an overdue remodel of our garage. It looked good, but the tile was the cherry on the sundae. It’s worth the money and has a quality look and feel.” – John B from Muncie IN

How Do Swisstrax Ribtrax Tiles Measure Up?

Cost 4/5




1 – least expensive to 5 – most expensive

This USA-made brand comes with an incredible reputation, so these tiles come at a higher price point. However, you’ll receive a hefty amount of benefits that make them an unforgettable investment for the garage.

Durability 5/5





1 – least durable to 5 – most durable

Swisstrax Ribtrax Tiles are incredibly durable and can withstand up to 70,000 lbs. of rolling weight, and have a compressive strength rating of 3,210 psi. To prove their strength, they come backed by an impressive 15-year warranty.

Style 5/5





1 – good to 5 – best

If you’re looking for the most diverse color selection, we highly recommend Swisstrax Ribtrax. There’s something for everyone with over 15+ vibrant rainbow colors and sophisticated blues, blacks, grays, and browns.


Wide color selection15-year warrantyGreat for rain and snowHighly durable


More expensive than most optionsSHOP SWISSTRAX RIBTRAX TILES

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Grid-Loc Garage Tiles

Grid-Loc Garage Tiles™

Grid-Loc Garage Tiles
can withstand heat, tools, chemicals, oil, antifreeze, UV rays, and more. They’re American-made, ultra-durable, and offer an impressive 12-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

Beyond the garage, Grid-Loc Tiles
are versatile enough for storage sheds, trade shows, dealerships, and more. They are trendy for their large color selection and variety of garage floor tile patterns.


“Garage looks outstanding! Everything came perfectly. Installation was pretty easy. I highly recommend it.” – Poolster from NY

How Do Grid-Loc Tiles
Measure Up?

Cost 3/5



1 – least expensive to 5 – most expensive

Grid-Loc Tiles
are in the midrange of garage floor pricing. With the benefits you receive, they’ll last for over a decade with regular maintenance.

Durability 5/5





1 – least durable to 5 – most durable

UV stable. Impact-resistant. Resilient. Grid-Loc Tiles
are a 5-star flooring that over 800+ of our customers recommend.

Also, they can withstand 36,000 lbs. of rolling weight, are car jack approved, and resist even oil, grease, and antifreeze.

Style 4/5




1 – good to 5 – best

Color options are a bit more limited with Grid-Loc Tiles
, but it truly depends on what you intend for your garage look. Get inspired, and review our customers’ photos for garage flooring ideas!


USA madeLow maintenance12-year warranty


More muted color selectionSHOP GRID-LOC GARAGE TILES

Diamond Nitro Rolls

Diamond Nitro Rolls

Our premium Diamond Nitro Rolls have it all – sharp looks, easy installation and maintenance, and superb durability

Beyond the garage, these stylish coin- and diamond-patterned rolls work well in workshops, storage sheds, industrial settings, and more.

Note: We do not recommend using this garage flooring roll on top of unsealed epoxy paint, gravel, asphalt, or subfloors with imperfections.


“The flooring turned out great, and it is the “wow” factor when I show my garage to my friends. I installed it myself and am very proud of it.” – Gary from PA

How Do Diamond Nitro Rolls Measure Up?

Cost 1/5

1 – least expensive to 5 – most expensive

Diamond Nitro Rolls are the least expensive option on this list – they’re a true bargain for commercial-grade garage flooring. Their DIY-friendliness makes them perfect for first-time users new to laying down flooring.

Use them as garage floor mats, wall-to-wall flooring, workshop flooring, and in storage sheds.

Durability 5/5





1 – least durable to 5 – most durable

These premium garage rolls are virtually indestructible, designed to hold up to cars, tools, and more. To prove they can stand up to harsh working conditions, they’re backed by a 7-year warranty.

Style 3/5



1 – good to 5 – best

Compared to other contenders, Diamond Nitro Rolls have more limited roll colors to choose from. However, if you’re looking for unique stainless steel and graphite looks, Diamond Nitro Rolls are your best choice.


DIY installationAffordable and stylish7-year warrantyCar-jack approved


Multiple rolls may not align perfectlyLimited color selectionMay have to replace full rolls when damagedSHOP DIAMOND NITRO ROLLS

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Ready to get started? Order samples of your favorite garage flooring today!


How to Achieve a Minimalist Design in Your Home

How to Achieve a Minimalist Design in Your Home

In home design, minimalism is the act of removing unnecessary elements. Many homeowners have recently turned to minimalist decor to help them live a more organized life that’s free of clutter. However, achieving a minimalist design is often not easy, especially if you already have many belongings or a busier decor style. This guide provides tips to help you convert your home into a minimalist haven.

Getting Started

If you’re thinking about making your home more minimalist, the first thing you should do is understand your “why.” Why do you want to make your home more minimalist? How can minimalism help you live a more intentional life? If you have a good idea of the life you want to live and know your core values, you can more easily decide which things you want to hold on to and which to get rid of.

Declutter and edit: Having a home with minimalist decor means reducing clutter. To accomplish this, you must edit what you display on tables and shelves. Limit yourself to essential items only and keep the rest stored away in cabinets. If you find something you haven’t used in many years, get rid of it. All items in your house should serve an emotional, aesthetic or functional purpose.Repurpose the things you already own:After you declutter — and before shopping for more decor or furniture — make an effort to repurpose the things already in your home. This is a great way to save money, and you may find you don’t need to buy anything. For instance, consider using shoeboxes to organize clothing within drawers, with smaller boxes serving as dividers for smaller clothing items. Clear boxes are useful since you can see what’s inside and can easily label and stack them. Use clear boxes in closets, kitchens, bathrooms and garages.Consider using the KonMari method:One effective way to declutter your space is by using the famous KonMari Method, which involves living a more joyful, intentional life that minimalism can provide. To make decluttering easier, sort through your belongings by category, beginning with clothes. Next, sort books, papers, miscellaneous things and finally, sentimental items. This order, which begins with the easiest things to remove and ends with the hardest, helps you hone your sensitivity to the things you enjoy most.Limit yourself to timeless pieces:One of the greatest benefits of minimalism is it allows you to invest in fewer, higher-quality items. When it comes to decor and furniture, choose well-made, classic items that will stand the test of time. Well-build pieces with clean lines will always be in style.

Choosing Furniture for Minimalist Homes

When choosing furniture for your minimalist home, you want to shop with purpose. When you buy without intention, you’re more likely to end up with clutter, but you can avoid clutter if you adopt a minimalist mindset. When you shop with intention, you’re less likely to buy unnecessary items. Whenever you’re considering purchasing something, ask yourself, “Will this serve a purpose for me and my home?”

choose objects with flat surfaces and defined clean lines for minimalist design

Other pointers to keep in mind when shopping for furniture include:

Aim for flat surfaces and clean lines:The objects and furniture you choose for your minimalist home should primarily have flat surfaces and defined, clean lines and curves. Cabinets and drawers with no handles are a great idea for a minimalist kitchen, as the lack of handles creates clean lines.Remember simple objects can also be powerful:When you decorate your home in a minimalist style, you may find yourself rethinking ordinary objects. While simple objects rarely catch your attention in a busy room, they can be attention-grabbing in a minimalist room where they don’t have to compete with flashier items.Include personal touches in your decor:Another useful tip for decorating your minimalist home is to use your favorite items and furniture as a base. To add a personal touch, find items that are especially meaningful to you. This could be anything from your child’s artwork or family photo to everyday objects like candles and books. Arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way.Use multipurpose furniture:When shopping for furniture or deciding what to keep, look for flexible items that can serve multiple purposes or that you can easily move from one room to another. One example is a stool that doubles as a side table or a nightstand. You could also consider an entryway bench that you can use in your dining room to seat extra people.

Choosing Colors and Textures

Minimalist design textures and colors

While minimalism is most commonly associated with a small amount of furniture, it also has specific colors and textures. When choosing the colors and textures for your minimalist home, consider the following:

Choose a restrained color palette: When choosing colors for your minimalist home, we suggest light colors like white, understated neutrals, pastels and faint grays. While brighter colors are permissible, try to limit yourself to just one or two.Include color beyond neutrals: While minimalism primarily features neutral color palettes like whites, beiges and light grays, you can still play around with color. The end goal is simplicity, so you can still have small amounts of texture and color through artwork, plants and textiles.Add warmth with natural textures: If your color scheme is predominantly white — a common color for minimalist homes — then incorporating natural textures can make your home feel warmer. Consider introducing handwoven textiles, natural woods and plants.Use accent decorations: Making your home minimalist doesn’t mean you should avoid bright colors and decorations — just use decorative elements as accents and be careful not to overwhelm your house with too many things. When it comes to art, pick one piece of art as a focal piece rather than many small ones.Select your patterns wisely: When picking out the patterns for your minimalist home, be careful that the patterns don’t overwhelm the space. Homes with minimalist decor tend to use few patterns or no patterns at all. If you choose to use patterns, select small scale or simple patterns. Use prints as an accent piece, such as on your throw pillows or curtains. You can have both, but if you do, ensure you have lots of negative space. You can’t go wrong with a patterned carpet centered in the room to help break up any monotony.

Choosing Minimalist Flooring

Choosing Minimalist Flooring

Many simple flooring styles lend themselves well to a minimalist style. These are the most popular floors for minimalist homes:


While this timeless material is a fantastic option for virtually any home decor, certain stains and designs can givehardwood floors a minimalist feel. Light hardwoods like maple, white oak and beech will help your home feel airy and open, perfectly fitting the minimalist aesthetic.

Narrow planks can help hide the grain, making the flooring look more seamless. If you’re interested in staining your flooring, consider a gray tone, which will make your room feel brighter and bigger, giving it a decluttered feel.


If you have a smaller budget, consider havinglaminate floors installedfor your minimalist home. Laminate flooring has seen many advancements in recent years, with modern products closely mimicking the look of authentic wood. As with natural hardwood, lighter-colored laminate flooring can help your rooms feel brighter and more open.


If you’re creating a minimalist look but don’t want to use hardwood,monochromatic matte tileis another option to consider. Large, wide tiles will provide your home with an airy, clean feeling, while smaller tiles can create more texture and interest in a minimalist home. A solid neutral tile will let your decor shine.

Luxury Vinyl

Like laminate,vinyl flooringhas come a long way. Luxury vinyl floors are available in planks and tiles that mimic real hardwood and ceramic or porcelain tiles. Vinyl flooring is resistant to moisture, stains, scratches and scuffs, so it works well in any room, and it comes in many color and texture options suitable for a minimalist style.

Miscellaneous Tips

One of the main objectives of minimalism is to draw attention to a few things, not many things. Empty space is one of the most important elements in minimalist interiors, as space interacts with the objects, defining the look. Equally important is visual balance, which can only be accomplished with a focal point.

Some other valuable tips you may want to consider are:

Let in light: In minimalist interior design, bare windows can be an excellent idea. Consider keeping your windows unadorned to let in as much light as possible. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can opt for thin curtains or blinds. Sheer curtains let in lots of sunlight without compromising your privacy.Stay consistent with your materials: Creating a minimalist look is all about keeping it simple and making a home with a bright, relaxing, air and modern feel. To achieve this, choose between one and three materials that you can consistently use throughout your house, keeping function and practicality in mind. Use materials that feel light, like white concrete or bleached oak. We also recommend that you use neutral paint throughout your home.Try concealed storage: Another key idea in minimalism is that not everything in your house was meant to be put on display. These include utility items such as cords, lightbulbs, paper files and batteries, which can be put in attractive baskets and bins and tucked away. You can also purchase a built-in storage unit, which can make your home feel minimal and streamlined.Use negative space: Negative space highlights your home’s simplicity and beauty, allowing the materials to tell their own story. Resist the temptation to fill every square inch of space with furniture or decor. Leaving a little negative space evokes peaceful, tranquil feelings and communicates the idea of having lots of space to breathe. You won’t feel claustrophobic in a minimalist home. If you have lots of negative space and would like to decorate it, limit yourself to simple touches like a piece of artwork or an indoor plant, which can go a long way toward making your space feel comfortable while still adhering to the simple, understated minimalistic aesthetic.In terms of decor, think big: Minimalism requires you to have a small number of items in your house, but it says nothing about the size of those items. If you’d like to go for “less is more,” consider investing in bigger rather than smaller items. Large items have more visual impact and go a long way to creating a stunning yet simple space.Look for pieces that coordinate: In minimalist homes, items should share a common language and speak with one another, creating one story. No item should complete for attention. The minimalist style aims to bring out the beauty of a view, space or artwork, so everything else must blend in harmoniously. Make sure textures and colors complement one another, and keep shapes simple.Tidy your space up regularly: Another aspect of minimalist living is regularly cleaning your space and having a place to put or store everything. Once you introduce a new item to your space, it must have a home. Deciding on a dedicated space for every item will take less time and energy than finding a new home for it each time you use it.Get creative with your lighting: Have fun with your lighting to give your minimalist home more visual appeal. Light fixtures these days come in an endless variety of options, so choosing something a bit unconventional in a powder room or dining room can give your minimal home some character.Showcase your favorite piece of artwork: If you have a collection of artworks, rather than putting your entire collection on display at once, you can display just one piece at a time and store away the rest of your collection.Remember to have fun: It’s important to remember that minimalism isn’t a one-size-fits-all style, and every homeowner can create their own minimalist decor. So, when deciding on a minimalist decor for your home, don’t try to copy a specific look. Instead, think about what will work for you. Also, don’t hold yourself to hard and fast rules, such as owning a certain number of things. Instead, use this simplifying process as a chance to play around with and get in tune with your authentic tastes, goals and values. Be patient, and work through your house one space at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Discover the Perfect Minimalist Flooring for Your Home

Choosing the right flooring is important, as it affects the appearance of your home, your comfort and even your health. For high-quality, durable and affordable minimalist flooring solutions,get in touch with 50 Floorfor a free appointment.

Discover the Perfect Minimalist Flooring for Your Home

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How to Design and Build a Home Addition

How to Design and Build a Home Addition

One of the biggest perks of homeownership is the ability to renovate and customize your home to best reflect your needs and personal style. While owning and living in your home, you and your family may go through many different changes that affect how you use your space. These transitions can include family changes such as having children, personal desires such as wanting a home theater or gym or health changes like integrating accessibility features. 

Many homeowners find that planning, designing and building a home addition can be a highly effective way to extend a home’s living space. That way, they can continue using and enjoying their home for many years to come. 

Creating a home addition with a flowing, natural design that aligns with the rest of your house is certainly possible. It will simply take some careful budgeting and planning to design and execute the best home addition ideas. There are many important factors to keep in mind both before and during your home addition project. Some of these factors include your budget, your objectives for the addition, your desired design elements, coordinated flooring and local building codes and regulations. Explore them in more detail below.

Simple Steps to Design a Home Addition

As a homeowner, you may feel overwhelmed by how to plan for a home addition and how to account for all the considerations that go into a home addition design. However, with a bit of planning, time, care and the assistance of a trusted contractor or design professional, you can easily make your dream house addition a reality. While each home addition project is unique, a few common tips and steps can serve as helpful guidelines as you plan and build.

4 Guidelines to plan and build home addition

1. Establish a Budget

Establishing an accurate, realistic budget is perhaps the most important step to building a home addition. Any construction project will naturally come with some stress. Without a firm and manageable budget, your stress level will likely be much greater than necessary. Budgeting before you begin planning and designing your home addition is crucial. 

Your budget will be an essential determining factor regarding the size of your addition and the quality and appearance of its finishes and features. Your budget will also determine which contractors and designers you can hire and may influence the timeline for your home addition project.

When crafting your budget, it’s generally advisable to obtain multiple quotes from a few different contractors. Doing this will give you a good idea of what’s a fair, average market cost for your potential addition. As is true with nearly any home improvement project, there will inevitably be surprises and delays. 

Craft your budget so that you have some extra safety money put aside for any unexpected problems that may arise throughout the duration of the project. Homeowners nearly always underestimate home construction costs, so keep this consideration in mind when creating your budget.

2. Hire a Trusted Contractor

Hiring an experienced, trusted contractor will be key to turning your home addition plans into a reality. Your contractor will play an important role in keeping the project on schedule and in budget. They will also ensure the quality of the build and installation of flooring, windows, fixtures and other features. 

As previously noted, consider reaching out to a few different reputable contractors in your area before you go ahead and hire one for your project. Many contractors offer free or low-cost quotes and evaluations before taking on an assignment. By getting a few different quotes, you will be better situated to protect yourself against possible scams and unfair pricing. 

The flooring experts at 50 Floor have extensive experience with installing quality, affordable flooring, and we offer price-match guarantees, professional installations, comprehensive warranties and excellent, timely service. These are the kinds of qualities and offerings you should look for when hiring any professionals to work on your home addition. 

3. Check Local Building Codes and Regulations

When planning and designing a new house addition, few things are more disappointing than finding out your plans don’t adhere to local building codes or regulations. Legal restraints on home construction, including new home additions, can include considerations such as height restrictions, property lines, building area ratios and design covenants, among others. If you live in a historic district, you will nearly always have to follow some set of design and material guidelines.

Do your research about local building laws and regulations before you begin your home addition planning in earnest. Failure to do so often results in significant time delays and additional costs, such as having to apply for permits or change parts of your design.

4. Choose a Purposeful and Well-Planned Design

You should ask yourself a few crucial things during the planning and designing stages of your new house addition. These include but are not limited to the following questions:

What Is the Purpose of the Addition?

There are many reasons why homeowners may want to build a new addition to their homes. Your ultimate objective will likely be the greatest influence on nearly all other decisions and considerations pertaining to the addition.

For example, you may simply want your addition to extend your day-to-day living space. Alternately, you may have a much bigger vision. For example, you may be building this addition to serve a specialized function, such as a sunroom, a crafting space or an in-home movie theater. You may even want to design and build an addition to function as an income property, such as rental space. These types of additions will require significantly more money and planning than a simple extension of your current living space.

You’ll want to consider your own dreams, the overall equity and the return on investment (ROI) that this addition will represent for your home. All these factors determine why deciding on the purpose for your addition is a critical part of the planning and design process.

Have I Considered the Addition’s Roofline?

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that a home addition will be part of your house. You may be building it years or even decades after your home was originally constructed. As such, you may have concerns about how an addition will cohesively blend in with your home’s existing structures.

Consider the roofline. Your existing home’s roofline should serve as the guideline for your addition’s roofline. Overlooking roofline cohesion will greatly impact your property’s overall appearance and curb appeal. As such, roofline design should be a valued part of any home addition project.

How Will the Floor Heights Flow With the Rest of My Home?

Similar to the roofline, the floor height is an important consideration when ensuring cohesion between a new home addition and an existing home structure. Creating a consistent floor height should be an integral part of your design process. 

You can employ several helpful techniques to eliminate any step-downs and create an even floor height between the new addition and your existing home. Making the floor line flush can be as simple as removing the old subfloor or tile. If you are using wood floors, flooring professionals can use “weaving” or “toothing” methods to create the desired floor cohesion. 

Relying on expert, professional floor installation is crucial to this step in the process and will result in a better flooring design — which creates a much higher ROI for your home than inconsistent or sloppy flooring.

How Will the Addition’s Design Style Blend in With the Rest of My Home?

Often, you might be tempted to use your home addition as a space to incorporate new interior and exterior design styles and aesthetics that you like but are not found in other parts of your home. While you are the homeowner and certainly have the right to design your home addition however you would like, you may want to thoughtfully consider your overall home equity and ROI while selecting a design.

In most cases, creating a fluid, cohesively designed addition that blends with your home’s existing aesthetic is the best way to ensure a high ROI. Incorporating a style that complements the rest of your house will create visual harmony within the interior space and greater curb appeal for the exterior. Doing so will also enable you to account for practical considerations like repurposing existing windows, door styles, cabinets and other features.

Select Quality Design Elements

Choosing design elements for your home addition is the most enjoyable part of the construction process for most homeowners. Quality design elements are important considerations to make to create a beautiful, stylish home addition, and they can create more equity for your property in the long run. 

popular design elements to consider

Keep in mind that while certain features are worth splurging on, you don’t always need to spend tons of money to design a beautiful house addition. Some of the most popular design elements to consider include the following:


There’s a common misconception that an addition’s flooring must “match” the flooring of the rest of the home. While creating an even, cohesive flooring plan is important to the overall design, your focus should be on flooring coordination rather than floor “matching.” Matching is a practice that, in many cases, doesn’t really exist. Because of the specific skills needed to create floor coordination and install quality floors, it’s nearly always best to trust this part of the construction process to experienced flooring professionals.

If your addition includes a kitchen or has countertops and cabinets for another reason, it’s worth considering how your flooring might coordinate with these home features for a timeless and attractive look.


Most home additions feature at least two or three exterior walls. Depending on the addition’s function, you may need to consider window design and installation throughout the space. Windows can contribute greatly to a home’s curb appeal and incorporate brightness. Many different window styles are available on the market. Depending on your budget, windows can have great potential for ROI. Consult with your home designer and contractors to see what type of windows would fit best.

Paint Colors

If you’ve ever walked through a home design or hardware store, you’ve likely seen a wall full of colorful paint chips. The possibilities for home paint colors are nearly endless. Paint can be a relatively low-cost way to infuse style and personality into any space. It can also be a simple, low-stress method of creating cohesion between your addition and your existing home.

Most hardware stores allow you to take home free or low-cost samples of different paint colors. You can test a few in your space before investing in certain ones. You might also decide to coordinate your wall colors with your flooring. This might require you to consider what type of flooring your addition will have and which hues will complement it best. For example, dark wood floors often look attractive with light-colored walls.


Furniture is another obvious way to bring personality and beauty into your new home addition. Of course, you may have a very particular use in mind for your addition. For example, if you’re planning to use it as a home theater, this concept will require considerably different furnishings than a home gym or crafting room would have.

It’s essential to consider your addition’s purpose before you purchase any new furniture. While furniture can certainly eat up a budget, there are ways to save money while still providing nice, comfortable pieces. Consider reupholstering or refinishing pieces you already own. Flea markets, estate sales and secondhand stores are other places to find some great deals on furnishings. 

Lighting Fixtures and Other Design Features

Chandeliers? Fireplaces? Built-in shelves? Entertainment units? These popular, dynamic design features can pack a big style punch in your home addition. These types of features are often custom-made, allowing you to splurge on key pieces that reflect your taste and personality.

Be Flexible

Remember that a new home addition, like any renovation or construction project, can be a long and sometimes unpredictable process. Unforeseen delays and unexpected events are always possible at some point. Be flexible and keep your cool — and keep extra emergency money on the side. By doing so, you’ll be better able to maintain a calm, low-stress mindset throughout the design process. 

Design Your Home Addition Like a Pro With the Help of 50 Floor Experts

At 50 Floor, we are flooring design and installation professionals with over 40 years of proven experience and thousands of satisfied customers! Our experts are proud to provide excellent service through every step of the flooring process — from planning to design to installation.

We offer many styles of hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile and carpet flooring. Our product lines can accommodate various needs and budgets, enabling a wide range of customers to receive their dream flooring designs. We also provide price-match guarantees and flooring and installation warranties across most of our product offerings. 

We are proud to serve 18 different metropolitan areas throughout the country. If you’re ready to take the next step in creating your home addition or developing any other construction project, contact us today to schedule a free appointment!

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Home Addition Ideas

Home Addition Ideas

Are you looking to freshen up your home with some new additions? You’re not the only one!  Over the past three generations, theimportance of home decorationto the general population has risen. Adding new additions to your home isn’t just fun — it’s a step towards making your home reflect your style on a deeper level.

How your home is put together can also have positive effects on your mental health. For example, the way a room inside your home is planned out, including how much space it has,can positively affectyour physiological stress.

Researchers have even found that carpet inducesless physiological stressthan walking on wood floors. However, wood floors are aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. Any new home additions will depend on what you need from your home!

With all that said, let’s look at ways to create the perfect home for you with unique home additions.

The Best and Most Unique Home Addition Ideas

The Best and Most Unique Home Addition Ideas

We know sorting through all the home addition ideas out there can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve created a simple list of the best and most unique home addition ideas.

1. Kitchen Addition

Are you looking to rehabilitate your kitchen? Consider adding square footage to your kitchen so you can fit in extra amenities, such as an eat-in counter, a breakfast nook, or even new appliances, such as a larger refrigerator or an additional food pantry.

2. Screened-in Porch Addition

Sometimes you might want to witness the total beauty of nature without dealing with the weather. A screened-in porch is a perfect place to chill out during these moments. Is it winter? No problem. Grab your book and watch the snow fall from your new porch.

3. Bathroom Addition

A bathroom addition can include a walk-in shower, a larger bathtub,new, unique flooring, an extra sink for your partner or a whole new bathroom on a different level of your home. A bathroom is a place you can go to be alone and relax, and bathroom additions can help you create a bathroom you want to escape into.

4. Pantry Addition

We could all use a little extra storage space. For a pantry addition, you could utilize space that’s already free in your home or you could convert an unused closet into a pantry. Consulting a professional on how to add a pantry to your home is your best bet.

5. Second Story Addition

Whether your family is getting larger or you need more space for an office, gym, library, etc., a second-story addition can help you out. If you want a ton of extra square footage, it’s time to build a home on top of your home!

6. Mudroom Addition

Finding a space for shoes and other objects that come in contact with the outdoors can be tricky, but a mudroom addition to your home can solve this problem. Add a mudroom and protect your home from germs that come in with shoes and coats.

7. Family Room Addition

Family rooms are important. It’s where families often gather to watch movies or do other fun activities. That being said, family rooms get a lot of use and traffic, so adding square footage ornew flooring is always a good idea. Not sure how to choose new flooring for your home addition? Check out 50 Floor’s blog, where we have blog posts about everything flooring, such as how to choosethe best flooringfor an open-concept floor plan.

8.  In-Law Suite

When you gain additional family members through marriage, why not gain an addition to your home along with them. In-law suites are a great place for your in-laws to stay when they visit, babysit the kids or stay long-term. They’ll feel welcome and comfortable with the addition of an in-law suite.

9. Garage Conversion

Not using an old garage? An unused garage is the perfect space to convert into a gym or game center. Of course, with this addition, you’ll want tothink about flooringthat will fit the function of your new space.

10. Glass Walls

Who knew that walls could be chic? Glass walls not only let in a lot of natural light in whatever room you decide to install them in, but they can give the appearance of more open space.

11. Guest Room Addition

We know you love your friends and family, so why not have a special place for them to wind down when they come to visit you? They’ll gain comfort, and you’ll get to design and decorate a beautiful new addition to your home.

12. Square Footage Addition

A square footage addition is appropriate for any room in your house, though it is best to consult a professional on how much square footage you can add to your home and where that square footage can be added. Of course, with any square footage addition, you’ll have to think aboutreplacing your flooringor coordinating your new flooring with your old flooring.

13. Den Addition

If you want a room similar to a family room but a bit more intimate, consider a den addition. Den additions are typically designed to be a cozy place to relax with your loved ones and maybe watch TV or play video games.

14. Sunroom Addition

If you’re a plant lover or you like to bask in the sun yourself, a sunroom addition is the perfect way to go. Sunrooms get plenty of natural light for your plants and you to enjoy.

15. Small Deck Addition

A deck addition doesn’t have to be big. A small deck can add a lot to your home. It can be a place to relax and enjoy the weather or a place for you and your family to gather and cook some delicious food.

Design Your Perfect Home Addition With 50 Floor

Looking for unique floors to replace your old ones? At 50 Floor, we’ll come to your home to show you a range of flooring options. The best part about shopping at home is you’ll be able to see how different flooring options coordinate with the décor in each room of your home.

Why shop with us? We offer competitive prices and free in-home consultations. The following are morebenefits of working with us:

On-time promiseSuperior safetyElite maintenanceLearn more about all our flooring options and their costs when you contact us at 1-877-505-5667.

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How to Prepare a Home For Resale

How to Prepare a Home For Resale

Selling your home can be a stressful and painstakingly long ordeal. The process of preparing your home to sell is an entirely different affair that often leaves you with more questions than answers. It doesn’t have to be a mystery, and there are several steps you can take to prepare your home for resale. If you’re ready to get to work preparing your house to hit the market, then here are a few things to consider to get it ready for potential buyers.

What Is Resale?

Resale refers to reselling your home. Unless you built the house and were its first occupants, then chances are you purchased your home from someone else who owned it before you did. The term resale means just that, reselling. Think about what first attracted you to the house that led you to buy it in the first place, and try to imagine what the previous owners did to get it ready for prospective buyers.

You’re preparing to do the same thing again. Preparing a home for resale is a process that takes careful consideration and strategic planning. Ideally, you’re selling your house for more money than you originally paid for it, so you have to think about finances when preparing it for resale.

Checklist for Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Preparing to sell your home means more than slapping on some paint and decluttering the living areas and bedrooms. You want your property to stand out to potential buyers, and there are several steps you need to take to get it ready for resale. You may be wondering how to get a house ready to sell. In that case, take the guesswork out of the process and consider these tips for selling your home.

Checklist for Getting Your House Ready to Sell


Organizing your home will make it more presentable for prospective buyers, and it’s a great place to start when you’re preparing it to sell. Start by organizing the following areas of your house:

Closets and cabinets: Organize your closets and cabinets by pulling everything out of them and getting rid of old items that you don’t use anymore. By the way, this will also help when you go to move, too. After you’ve pulled everything out, sort it neatly in its place. You’ll also want to clean the floors, walls and ceiling. Potential buyers are certainly going to look in the closets and around the bedrooms. Garage and storage shed: Potential buyers will inspect the garage and any storage sheds or buildings around the property since you’re selling them with the house. Organize your garage and other storage buildings by hanging any large loose items such as bicycles. Neatly arrange your gardening tools and other equipment along with your workbench area by hanging tools on hooks.Patio space and lawn: Prospective buyers want to know they’re buying a house that has been well maintained and kept up with over the years. Organize your patio space by rolling up hoses and placing other equipment where it belongs. Kitchen and bathrooms: Be sure to organize your kitchen and bathrooms to look presentable and clean when you’re showing your house. Be sure to set out fresh unused towels on the days you’re showing the house.

Organizing your home shows homebuyers that you have maintained the house over the years. It makes them feel better about buying the house from you. You can start with these spaces and move on from there. Other areas that you’ll want to organize include kitchen drawers and any shelving spaces, especially those in your living room. Selling your house is all about presentation, and an organized area presents better than a disorganized one.


Take your valuable items and family heirlooms down from around the home. Depersonalizing spaces involves removing those items that make them yours and replacing them with more general decorations and other things. You want your prospective buyers to be able to envision themselves living in the space, not the other way around. Present a blank canvas to prospective buyers by removing photos, heirlooms and other memorabilia from the walls and shelves.

Keep in mind that you’re trying to sell your house to prospective buyers. By depersonalizing the space, you’re also disconnecting yourself emotionally from these spaces. For example, you should consider replacing photographs of yourself and your family across shelves with small plants and simple decorations.

Take any family heirlooms or other personal antiques down from around the house and pack them to move or store them in an inconspicuous spot such as a closet or storage building. These items are often not as appealing to prospective buyers as they are to you.

3.Repair and Replace

One of the best tips for selling your home quickly is making minor home improvements and repairing existing issues. Replace any broken items and make necessary repairs before showing your home to prospective buyers. Pay close attention to the following areas:

Leaky faucets: Repair those leaky bathrooms and kitchen faucets before showing your house. Potential buyers are sure to try the water faucets, and you don’t want a leak or poor pressure to cost you a potential sale. Fix these yourself or consider hiring a plumber or another home service professional if you’re unsure. Broken tiles and flooring: Replace and repair any cracked tiles and flooring before you show your house. Pay special attention to the high traffic areas around your home, such as doorways. Replace any old carpeting and consider refinishing flooring before showing your house.  Doors and handles: Replace or repair broken and loose door handles and knobs. Check handles and knobs from both directions to ensure they turn and stay secure when you close them. Drawers: Ensure your kitchen and cabinet drawers move smoothly and slide in and out like they’re supposed to. Fix any drawers that might be sticking or getting jammed. Look for any cracked or broken drawers and cabinet doors and get those fixed or replaced if you need them. One of the first things prospective buyers will do is open the cabinets and kitchen drawers to inspect storage options and space. Patch holes: Getting ready to sell your house is a great time to patch those holes and get your walls looking like new before showing them to potential buyers. Light bulbs: Go through your house and check the light bulbs. Replace any blown bulbs and older bulbs that you haven’t replaced for a while. Double-check your lights and go through the house, turning switches on and off to ensure they’re all working efficiently.

Pay close attention to walls, ceilings and floors when you’re going through making any necessary repairs. Cracked or chipped tiles and hardwood flooring is an immediate red flag, especially for experienced potential buyers. Cracks in the floors or walls can signal foundation and structural damage, so you should understand what has caused this to happen in the first place.

4. Clean

Cleaning your house to get it ready to sell is paramount. It sounds like a given, but you will need to present a clean environment to possible buyers. Displaying a clean house is one of the best ways to sell it quickly. There are different approaches you can take.

You can decide to clean your house yourself or hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you. Depending on your daily schedule and the size of your home, you’ll likely want to consider the latter. Hiring a professional crew will ensure that your house is as clean as possible when it’s time to show it.

If you opt for cleaning your house yourself, then remember to keep these areas in mind:

Dust the entire house top to bottom: Dust your whole house by pulling out furniture and cleaning from the top down. Start with the top floors and work your way down. If you don’t have stairs, begin by cleaning the highest points of your house first, such as the ceilings and ceiling fans, before making your way down to the floors. It’s a good idea to vacuum as you go and work your way from room to room.  Clean carpets and floors: The longevity of your hardwood floors and carpeting depends on how and when you clean them. Present a clean house by shampooing carpets and steam cleaning the floors. You can typically rent the equipment to do this at your local hardware store. Once you’ve cleaned them, be sure to keep them clean by vacuuming daily and frequently mopping.  Scrub the surfaces paying close attention to bathrooms: Remove everything from your bathroom counters and other surfaces before cleaning them with hot soapy water or disinfectant spray. Clean your bathroom mirrors the day of a showing to ensure they are sparkling and free from water spots. Focus on the house’s surfaces as opposed to yours. Countertops, stovetop, cabinets, drawers and showers and tubs are all great places to start when cleaning and preparing your house for sale. Scrub stains and clean the nooks and crannies around your countertops.  Thoroughly clean the kitchen and appliances: The kitchen is a valuable room for potential buyers, so you’ll want to be sure it’s thoroughly cleaned and organized. Scrub all of your surfaces, and be sure to have your appliances shining, especially if you’re selling them with the house. You’ll also want to thoroughly clean and declutter the countertops as well as your kitchen floors.

The kitchen is one of the most appealing rooms to potential buyers because the family gathers to cook and eat meals there. Since remodeling a kitchen yields a high return on investment (ROI), you may want to replace old carpeting or countertops. If you’re updating your kitchen to get your house ready for resale, then there are affordable options for kitchen flooring and countertops to consider.

5. Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the way your house looks to someone standing in the street or walking by, and it’s the initial impression someone gets when they see it for the first time. Your home’s curb appeal affects its resale value.

You don’t want to invest in expensive landscaping or front yard construction projects to increase your home’s curb appeal, so try taking the following steps before opening your wallet:

Pay close attention to the entrance and front door: Clean the area around your front door and replace the welcome mat with a new one. Try to remove your old screen door if possible and paint or clean your front door. Sweep your porch and wash the windows with hot soapy water followed by a cleaner. You can also choose to paint your front door. A fresh coat of paint, especially neutral or earthy tones, will make your front entrance inviting and welcoming for possible buyers.Remove all personalized and decorative items: Takedown any decorations, such as hanging string lights, wind chimes, wreaths and other things. Just like you remove personal photos and heirlooms from around the house, remove them from the outside as well. Getting rid of these items will help you declutter the outside and help it look clean and organized. You’ll also want to offer your prospective buyers a clean slate that they can envision turning into their own outdoor space.  Mow, trim and clean around your property: Be sure to mow and trim the lawn and the areas around your property. Use a string trimmer to cut the places you can’t reach with a traditional mower. Use a leaf blower to dispense of the clippings and clean the yard after you’ve finished. You’ll also want to trim any shrubs and trees, especially in front of your house near the entrance. Trim them evenly across the yard.  Clean paved areas including walkways, patios and driveway: Start with blowing leaves and debris off your walkways, patios and driveway, followed by hosing them off. While you’re cleaning, check for any cracks or breaks and take note to get those repaired. Clean any oil stains or spots off your driveway or from the floor of your garage if possible. Pick up and store any items from around these areas, such as bikes, garbage cans and kid’s toys.

These are just a few simple ways to improve your yard to enhance your home’s curb appeal. You can also consider planting a few new shrubs if you don’t already have any around your house. Other more costly projects you can consider to enhance curb appeal include painting the exterior and installing mulch and flower beds.

Prepare Your Home For Resale by Choosing 50 Floor

Do you know what makes a home stand out for potential buyers? New floors from 50 Floor.

Enhance your home’s resale value by getting rid of that old carpet or vinyl flooring and replacing it with new floors from 50 Floor. With over four decades of combined experience, at 50 Floor, we offer a unique buying experience for our customers. Shop our products online and schedule an appointment today. We’ll come to you with samples of different flooring materials that can work with your property.

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How to Make Your House Look High-End

How to Make Your House Look High-End

There’s nothing like coming home to a house with a sophisticated design that reflects your unique style. If you want to give your home a makeover without splurging on a costly remodel, there are ways to revamp your space on a budget. You can achieve a luxury design with affordable styling techniques. Some inspiration is all you need to give your home a high-end feel without breaking the bank.

This guide includes helpful tips for how to make your home look expensive on a tight decorating budget.

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Create a High-End Design

Designing on a budget can be fun and creative if you follow the right strategies. Test out these interior design upgrades in your space to achieve a luxurious look for less.

1. Start With a Classic Base

Neutrals colors and classic tones are the secrets to creating a space that lasts for years. Walls painted with a simple color palette and traditional hardwood floors will never go out of style and will save you money on costly updates in the future. Taupe, gray, white, brown and black tones serve as the perfect base for any room.

A neutral color palette will blend with any accessories to create a cohesive, high-end design. You can introduce fun colors and textures with pillows, art pieces and rugs. As your style changes, it’s easy and affordable to swap out accessories. You can even update the color palette to match your seasonal decor.

3. Create Ambient Lighting

The proper lighting should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Overhead lighting will illuminate the room, but it can seem harsh and sterile. Placing several lamps around your space will create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Lighting can add interest and detail to the room. Plain and simple lighting comes standard with any home. Replacing basic fixtures with more stylish options is an affordable way to make a noticeable impact. Adding a chandelier will create a focal point for a high-end look. Replacing your shades with a modern version can make any room feel luxurious.

4. Upgrade Your Flooring

Your floors serve as the foundation of the entire room. The style of flooring you choose will impact your space’s overall look and feel. While replacing your floor requires some effort, it’s an affordable way to elevate your space.

Wooden floors look clean and fresh to make the room look updated with a classic charm. Hardwood is an investment, but you can replicate the same look with moreaffordable vinyl or laminate.

Vinyl flooring is abudget-friendly additionto any room. It looks very similar to hardwood, and some people might even mistake it for the genuine article. Laminate is equallybeautiful and affordable. It often has realistic wood texture embossed on the surface. Both options are durable and waterproof, so they look brand-new for years to come.

upgrade space by replacing flooring

5. Hang Window Treatments

When it comes to creating a high-end look, the details and finishings make a significant difference. Drapes and curtains add texture and color to the room for a polished look. Sheer curtains let sunlight through the window, creating a soft cast of natural light. Colorful or patterned curtains serve as a bold focal point. The fabric that you choose is equally as important as the placement.

Hanging your curtains from the ceiling will draw the eye upward and make the room feel taller and grander. Even if your windows are small, you can create the illusion of tall ceilings by installing your window treatments as high as possible. For a small investment, you can hang long, flowing curtains near the top of the wall to make your home look expensive on a tight budget.

6. Create an Accent Wall

Painting an entire room can add up quickly. Adding one bold wall will bring interest and drama to your home at an affordable price. Using a dark shade will add depth and give the space a high-end feel. It only takes a small amount of paint to cover a single wall, so this design hack is one of the most affordable.

For a less permanent option, peel-and-stick wallpaper comes in a wide range of colors and patterns at a low price. Temporary wallpaper adds a stylish flair to the space that can easily swap out to keep up with the latest trends. It can also hide minor imperfections in the wall for a sleek finish.

7. Add Fresh Flowers or Houseplants

Interior spaces tend to feel incomplete without a few natural touches. You can literally add life to your home with fresh flowers or houseplants. They brighten up the room and add a natural element to your interior.

Beautiful flowers are a luxury that we often give as gifts. Dressing your home with fresh blossoms will create a high-end look for only a few dollars. If you are a gardener, you can try this method for free!

Houseplants are also an affordable way to add interest to your home. They come in many sizes and varieties that can elevate any design. Touches of green can change the feeling of your space. A living plant will give your home a sense of peace and balance.

If flowers are out of season or you lack a green thumb, faux options can achieve the same look. While they tend to cost more upfront, they will last forever without needing maintenance or replacement.

8. Introduce Tile

Tile is anothertimeless materialthat adds a fresh element to any space. It’s durable and easy to clean, so your home looks polished at all times. Porcelain and ceramic tiles come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns you can mix and match to create a stunning design.

For a small investment, you can add a sleek backsplash to your kitchen or a statement floor to your bathroom. Tile provides a high-end look that will last for years.

Contact 50 Floor to Take Your First Step Toward High-End Design

At 50 Floor, our team of professional flooring experts can help you achieve the high-end interior of your dreams. Choose from a wide range of high-quality and affordable flooring options to upgrade your space.

We provide a shop-at-home experience to help you choose the most impactful flooring that blends with your style. We offer laminate, vinyl, tile and other options at competitive prices to help you maximize a tight decorating budget. We handle the entire process, from ordering the materials to performing the installation.

With over 40 years of experience, we provide convenient customer service and top-notch craftsmanship. Take your first steps toward a high-end design with 50 Floor, and schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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Best Flooring for Modern Kitchens

Best Flooring for Modern Kitchens

Kitchens have evolved over the years. Today’s modern kitchen often includes multiple appliances and maybe even a smart tech element or two.

To bump up the modern home design of your contemporary kitchen, be sure to choose floors that exude a leading-edge feel. 50 Floor shares our top recommendations for picking kitchen floors that look fresh and updated.

What Makes a Kitchen Modern?

Your definition of modern may differ slightly from someone else’s. Most people envision modern design as having a few specific elements, such as:

Clean lines: Chaotic or muddled designs don’t tend to be part of contemporary kitchen design.Strong lighting: Lighting elements are essential for modern kitchens because they make the space seem airier and more natural.Shine and gloss:When you walk into an updated, modern kitchen, you know it immediately. You’ll see the sparkle from the stainless steel refrigerator to the polished and sleek countertops.

Keeping these traits in mind, you can start to choose between the suitable contemporary floor options available.

Vinyl Flooring

Forget everything you knew about vinyl flooring. Today’s vinyl floors include various patterns and textures to mimic the appearance of anything from porcelain tiles to exotic hardwoods.

When selecting a vinyl floor for your contemporary kitchen, opt for lighter tones and neutrals. That way, you can achieve a minimalist aesthetic.

Hardwood Floors

Many people worry that they have to give up their hardwood flooring dreams to have a modern kitchen. The right hardwood flooring can accentuate the crisp, defined lines of a food prep and eat-in space.

Aim to choose hardwoods and engineered hardwoods that contain fewer knots and longer grains. Find a hardwood that can withstand a lot of traffic. Kitchens tend to be some of the busiest rooms, so you need a hardwood that can keep up without scuffing or scratching.

Tile Floors

There are limitless perks to tile floors when you’re updating your kitchen to achieve a modern flair. This kind of flooring can bring out a sense of sparkle and play from porcelain to ceramic tiles.

In keeping with the classy feel of your modern kitchen, avoid excessive or highly contrasting tile patterns. Instead, lean toward conservative patterning or monochromatic — or almost monochromatic — designs. Your kitchen will get a visual boost, and you’ll get the benefit of knowing that you’ve picked a floor that will go the distance.

Floors for the Kitchen of the Future

Has your kitchen been stuck in a time warp? Bring it into the future with floors that say 2021 — not 1980. At 50 Floor, our team of flooring specialists is ready to come to your home with a range of floor samples. That way, you can try different modern kitchen floors before making your choice. It’s the easiest way to move from a dated to a modern kitchen design.

Set up an appointment today at a time that’s convenient.

9 Rubber Flooring Pros and Cons: What You Should Know

9 Rubber Flooring Pros and Cons: What You Should Know

Thinking about building a home gym and wondering if rubber flooring is the right choice for your space? You probably know that rubber flooring is the gold standard in gym flooring, but maybe you’re concerned about potential drawbacks.

The last thing you want is to make a purchase you regret. This guide can help! We’re taking an in-depth look at rubber flooring to find all the benefits and some important considerations. 

Discover the top nine rubber flooring pros and cons to help you make a smart shopping decision. 


What is Rubber Gym Flooring?

Dura Lock Rubber Tiles

Known for its versatility and durability, rubber flooring is the ideal surface for your gym. Whether you’re trying to create a workout room or updating a commercial gym, you can find the perfect flooring to meet your needs.

Most rubber flooring is made from materials like recycled vehicle tires. This makes the flooring extremely durable and low-maintenance. 

Rubber flooring also comes with several DIY-friendly options. You can choose from interlocking tiles, rolls, mats, and sheet to fit your space.

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Pros of Rubber Gym Flooring


Rubber is the ultimate gym flooring option, and there are many reasons for this, from durability to DIY installation. Check out these advantages of rubber flooring that make it so popular.

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Slip Resistance

8mm Pre Cut Rubber Rolls

Rubber flooring is unique because it becomes more slip-resistant when it gets wet. That means you have a safe, slip-free surface to work out on, no matter the conditions. You don’t have to worry about spills causing potential injury.

Plus, because it doesn’t get slippery when wet, rubber flooring is also ideal for outside use. Install it in your yard to create an easy outdoor workout area. 


4' x 6' Premium Mats - Designer Series

In addition to being slip-resistant, rubber flooring is also water-resistant! 

To be 100% certain no water ever reaches your subfloor, you can seal the flooring with a rubber floor finish and sealer and also seal the seams with a seam sealer. Without a finish and sealer, there is still a chance water can get under the flooring.

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Incredibly Durable


Rubber flooring is built with durability in mind. After all, it needs to handle heavy workouts and high-traffic commercial gyms. 

While the common misconception is that thicker rubber means higher durability, that’s not necessarily true. Durability is more about density. Dense rubber flooring is tough and durable. You can rip apart low-density rubber flooring with your bare hands.

Vulcanized and virgin rubber are the most durable. If you need superb durability, make sure to search for these options.

Vulcanized rubber: During the vulcanization process, the rubber is compressed into a dense, ultra-durable, non-porous rubber. This option naturally has a significantly milder scent than non-vulcanized rubber.Virgin rubber: For the purest natural rubber, you can choose virgin rubber floor tiles, which don’t include any recycled material. Virgin rubber is guaranteed to have no additives or latex.

bsorbs Impact


Intense workouts can put a lot of stress on your joints, so you need flooring that can absorb the impact of your burpees, plyometric workouts, and dropped weights.

High impact rubber flooring can lessen the stress and wear on your knees, back, and hips, and protect you from injury.

For the best high-impact gym flooring, look for products made from recycled, lower-density rubber. You can also find flooring with waffle backings designed specifically to absorb heavy impacts.

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Easy Installation

8mm Strong Rubber Tiles

One of the best things about rubber flooring is the ease of installation. Whether you choose rubber floor tiles, rubber rolls, or rubber gym mats, you can upgrade your gym in a single afternoon. 

Rubber tiles are the most DIY-friendly option. The edges interlock together like giant puzzle pieces, and they’re heavy enough that you don’t need to glue them down. 

Rubber flooring rolls are also extremely easy to install. You just roll them out, and you’re done!

Cons of Rubber Gym Flooring




Rubber flooring does have a distinct smell. This is caused by off-gassing from the glue that holds the flooring together and the rubber itself.

Some products smell stronger than others, depending on the type of raw material used or how the flooring was made. For example, virgin rubber flooring doesn’t really have a smell, so if you’re sensitive to the smell, this would be the best option for you.

When you first get your flooring, the smell will be the strongest, but after installation, it will become less intense after a few weeks. 

You can also mop a few times with a mild soap and water cleaning solution like Dawn or Tide, and then keep the room well-ventilated or leave the flooring outside to dry. This should alleviate the smell.


Big Chip Rubber Rolls

Rubber flooring is very functional, but it’s not necessarily known for its style. For the most part, your flooring is going to be black. If you want a minimalist look, this isn’t a problem. 

One way to amp up the style is to introduce color. Some options will come with EPDM color flecks, containing anywhere from 10% to 95% color fleck. Virgin rubber flooring even offers full color for a more vivid look. Just keep in mind, more color typically means a bigger price tag. 


Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles

As you consider rubber flooring pros and cons, price may be a big factor. Rubber is premium gym flooring. It’s ultra-durable with highly sought-after features like shock absorbency, a non-slip surface, and easy installation. This is an investment in your gym and your fitness, and the cost is worth it.


Pre-Cut Regrind Rolls

The densest and most durable options are pretty heavy, especially if you’re installing a cumbersome rubber roll or a mat. 

If you want more portable gym flooring, consider something lighter like 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles

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Those are the biggest rubber flooring pros and cons. Now that you know the top pros and cons, you’ll have a better idea if this is the right home gym flooring for you. 

If you want to upgrade your gym with rubber flooring, get started with some free samples to find the perfect options for you.

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2022 Wood Flooring Trends: 21 Trendy Flooring Ideas

2022 Wood Flooring Trends: 21 Trendy Flooring Ideas

Wood flooring is a classic choice, and even with the influx of wood-look flooring options, there will always be a market for solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring.

Now, when I say “classic” I do not mean boring. The latest wood flooring trends in 2022 are anything but boring.

As technology improves, wood competitors like laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, and tile are upping their game. Wood manufacturers have to keep things interesting, trendy, and up-to-date if they want to stay in the game.

In the past, wood has set the trend and other flooring manufacturers followed suit. However, these other floors are pushing the envelope and, in response, so is wood flooring. Let’s take a look at what wood flooring trends are happening in 2022.

2022 Trending Wood Flooring Types

You have so many options these days when it comes to wood flooring. Traditional wood flooring trends are out, and some new characters have joined the party.

You’ll notice a push for staying local and using recycled materials. Homeowners are starting to note the kinds of materials they’re using and choosing their flooring accordingly.

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Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood flooring is the closest thing you can get to natural, solid hardwood. You know, other than actual solid hardwood. It has a thin hardwood veneer layer on top of man-made materials like plywood or fiberboard.

Engineered hardwood has a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or high-density fiberboard (HDF) core which stabilizes and supports the plank. Even better, the layers of engineered wood planks include a premium attached underlayment making it extremely durable and perfect for all areas of the house.

Because it is technically real wood, engineered wood is extremely durable and offers looks in just about every trending wood look. With no extra finishing or refinishing required, engineered wood is out-of-the-box ready and, often, super easy to install yourself.

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Will the engineered wood flooring trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Just how laminate and other solid hardwood alternatives continue to thrive, engineered wood flooring is no different! Expect to see engineered wood in homes for decades to come.


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Reclaimed Wood

2021 Wood Flooring Trends: Reclaimed-look wood floors in a living room setting.

Unique, durable, and green, with each plank telling a story, it’s no wonder reclaimed wood has taken off so quickly.

Reclaimed wood simply means taking old building materials and re-using them. Essentially, recycling. Reclaimed wood kills two birds with one stone, giving you something original that’s also environmentally responsible.

Often, reclaimed wood comes from decking, timbers, and barns. It has a naturally distressed look. Although, now that it has become so popular, you will find reclaimed wood from unique sources like wine barrels and more.

Will the reclaimed wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

As reclaimed wood gains popularity, it becomes increasingly rare and difficult to find, only making it that much more popular.

This will be a trend that sticks around for a decade or so until something different comes along.

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merican Grown/American Made Wood Flooring

American Grown Wood Floors: Mohawk Sawmill Ridge Waterproof Laminate

The desire for homegrown and American manufactured products extends beyond traditional items to flooring and home decor. Some homeowners will pay top dollar for that title.

Essentially, purchasing American grown wood floors is equivalent to shopping locally, which is huge right now. This means all of the material used in your flooring is locally sourced and manufactured, right here in the USA. From the wood all the way down to the machines manufacturing each plank, your flooring will be as patriotic as you are.

As far as I can tell, American made floors are just getting started, and not leaving as long as the floors stay relevant with the other wood flooring trends.

Will the American-made and grown wood flooring trend last in 2022 and beyond?

I predict the demand for American-Made wood flooring will be steady going into the future as people focus on buying more things locally.


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2022 Wood Flooring Species Trends

Whether you notice or not, there are many different species of wood out there. In flooring, some of these species, in particular, are trending BIG in 2022.

White Oak Wood Flooring

2021 Wood Flooring Trends: White Oak Wood Floors in a Kitchen Setting

In 2022, everyone is looking for beauty on a budget, which is where white oak wood flooring comes in.

White oak flooring is extremely attainable and stylish. It has personality and a cleaner grain than your typical hardwood, creating beautiful variation and a contemporary aesthetic.

Despite having the word “white” in the title, this species of wood has a versatile color palette, as it is actually darker than maple or red oak. So you can have the warmth of medium-toned wood flooring and the style of the white oak wood species.

Will the white oak wood trend last 2022 and beyond?

White oak seems to be a timeless wood species that has been around for a long time. Therefore, I do not see this species of wood going out of style any time soon.


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European White Oak Flooring

European White Oak Wood Flooring

No, you’re not seeing double! While similar to white oak flooring, European white oak is making a splash in 2022 wood species trends.

The main differences between white oak and European white oak are the color undertones and the grain. European white oak has cooler color undertones such as gray, whereas white oak has a yellowish undertone. While the grain of each species is very clean, European oak’s grain is tighter than white oak. These differences create more modern wood flooring with European white oak.

Will the European white oak wood trend last 2022 and beyond?

European white oak will certainly be around for the next 15-20 years as the modern look is always in style. Beyond that, I think traditional white oak will take the cake in the long run.

2022 Wood Flooring Color Trends

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In 2022, we’re moving toward the lighter end of the color spectrum. The lights are getting even more extreme with more white-washed, beachy looks.

But you’ll see some warmer, middle-of-the-road hardwood flooring ideas sneaking in, as well. Homeowners are increasingly using flooring to set the tone or feel of their home. That means, we need more options! Therefore, manufacturers are responding with more beautiful colors than ever before.

Here are the most popular wood floor colors to stay trendy in 2022.

“Oak Hardwood is still the king of kitchen flooring. The number one thing we are seeing is a throwback to lighter colored hardwood. Gone are the days of dark wood floors, now we are seeing lighter brown tones close to fruitwood. Our clients are asking for brown and gray tones over the reddish hues of the 1990s. With the popularity of modern and transitional styles in kitchen cabinets, adding textures to the floor like borders have come back in style with chevron and herringbone patterns being the two most popular.” – Bryan Sebring, Sebring Design

Blonde Wood Floors

2021 Wood Flooring Trends: Blonde Wood Flooring in a living room setting.

As more homeowners embrace the light, airy feel in their homes, you will see a huge resurgence in light wood floor colors. Blonde wood, in particular, can give you that light feel, while still feeling timeless.

With blonde wood, your decorating possibilities are endless. You can go for a chic, contemporary feel, or a rustic, homey vibe all without changing your floors. Typically, lighter wood colors go toward cooler tones, making it perfect to decorate with blues and grays.

Also, blonde wood makes any room feel larger and more open, especially if you use large planks.

For a blonde wood look, you’ll see bamboo, maple, white oak, and ash. While you can use a stain to get darker colors, with a light color it’s best to purchase a wood floor that is already blonde.

Will the blonde wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

If you ask me, the blonde wood look will become the most popular wood floor color before you can even think about switching it up to something new. If you like them, go for it! They’ll be a hit for quite a while.


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Whitewashed Wood Floors

Shaw Castlewood Oak Engineered Wood

The whitewashed look is more of a west coast trend that is starting to spread across the country. As that relaxed, California vibe is spreading, so are the floors that come with it and whitewashed wood floor color is at the top of the list.

In addition to the California, easy-going look, whitewashed floors are also excellent for the now-trending farmhouse-style homes, particularly in kitchens. It can also give that “beachy” feel or also an upscale contemporary feel, depending on the rest of your decor.

Now, when I say “whitewashed” I don’t mean a smooth, finished white wood. Whitewashed wood typically shows signs of wear with the darker wood peeking out from underneath.

Whitewash will make your home look brighter, bigger, and more relaxed, especially because lighter wood colors are trending toward cooler tones.

Will the white-washed wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

If this trend lasts, it will be regional, at best. If you’re looking for light wood, I suggest going for a more versatile blonde wood instead.

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Honey/Copper-Colored Wood Floors

Copper toned wood flooring

Just a step darker than trending blonde wood, warm, rich honey wood will be taking 2022 by storm.

Also known as copper-colored, honey wood floors are still light enough to give you many of the benefits of blonde wood, making your room look larger and more open. But, you also get that nice, rich warmth that comes from a slightly darker tone.

You see, medium wood often features warmer, natural tones, giving you the perfect compromise of lighter and darker wood. That’s why more and more people are adding honey wood swatches to their Pinterest boards.

Additionally, you can find honey wood floors in many popular wood species. Honey is a natural tone so it’s easy to find and it will look more realistic.

Both cool and warm tones will be trending across the wood flooring market in 2022 and, if you go the warm route, I would recommend a honey wood or wood look. Honey wood is not just a trend; it’s a color classic.

Will the honey wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

I think this warm, cozy tone is going to be around for the long haul. While other trends may steal the spotlight from time to time, I believe that honey wood is going to remain classic and relevant for decades to come.


Gray Wood Floors

Gray wood floors in a dining room setting

Gray flooring, particularly gray wood, has grown exponentially over the last decade and has quickly become the most popular trend, not just for flooring, but for homes in general.

In addition to looking chic and trendy, gray floors set the tone of a cool, contemporary home. They give you a neutral backdrop for decorating in virtually any color. Aquas, greens, bright bold colors or even black and white – they will all go with your sleek gray flooring.

Will the gray wood floor trend last in 2022 and beyond?

I say, if you like it, go for it – it’s not going anywhere soon! Gray will probably stay in style at least until it’s time for you to purchase new floors anyway.


Greige Wood Floors

Greige wood-look flooring: 12mm Bel-Air Windwood Laminate Flooring

In 2022, greige (gray + beige) is the new gray in terms of wood flooring color trends. This trend of brown, beige, and a touch of gray has taken off in the past year.

Greige has the minimalist feel of gray with the depth of beige. The greige wood floor color goes well with almost any other color in your home decor, complementing modern white looks or country browns and contrasting more bold colors of the home.

Greige floors work well for any room of the house. The unique color adds a fresh look to bedrooms and gives living rooms and entryways a feeling of luxury.

One thing is for sure, greige wood floors are a good choice if you’re looking for the best flooring for resale.

Will the greige wood floor trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Absolutely! Greige wood flooring is a hot new trend that I see taking off even more in the next decade as people look to simplify their lives and homes. It’s just that right blend of neutrality that people are looking for.


2022 Wood Flooring Texture Trends

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As I mentioned above, high variation is in! Not just for colors but textures, as well. In 2022, you’ll see more and more floors where no two planks look the same, particularly with the handscraped wood flooring texture.

Handscraped Wood Floors

Handscraped wood flooring in a living room setting.

One of the more unique flooring textures is the handscraped look. This technique is used to make the floors look weathered while still looking stylish. With scrapes and knots, your floor will look like it has been in your home for a long time.

Essentially, the wood grain is more exposed, giving your floors a rustic look that still looks expensive and one-of-a-kind.

Because handscraped floors look truly finished, they are trendy not just with younger homeowners but with more established homeowners, as well. The handscraped wood floor trend is almost guaranteed to amp up your home value.

Will the handscraped wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

This unique, individual, handcrafted look will stand the test of time. It looks expensive, and people love expensive.

**Note: Be careful purchasing handscraped wood floors. Many companies will call their floors hand scraped, but they really use a machine to make each plank look similar and more uniform. It is less expensive for them, but it does not offer the same effect.


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Wirebrushed Wood Floors

Shaw Couture Oak Engineered Wood

Similar to handscraped wood floors, homeowners are loving the weathered look of wirebrushed wood flooring textures. Wirebrushed wood floors provide more texture than your typical smooth hardwood floors. This trendy look adds character to your floor while still offering a finished look.

Wirebrushed floors are somewhat of a middle road between handscraped and distressed floors, as wirebrushed textures are more subdued and streamlined but still rustic and unique. While the wirebrushed floors are cool, if the trend towards imperfections and character continues, distressed and handscraped wood will likely have more to offer in both variety and character.

Will the wirebrushed wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

I believe there will always be a market for this type of flooring. However, it will likely only be a hot and trendy choice for the next 5-7 years.


Distressed Wood Floors

2021 Wood Flooring Trends: Distressed wood flooring

Distressed wood gives your flooring character, which creates a spectacle in every room it’s installed.

The entire idea behind distressed wood is that it looks like comes with a backstory. This makes your home cozier, and homey. Plus, the wood looks different than any other flooring.

Most of the time the distressing is done by machines in a factory. However, if you find real aged lumbar that has gone through distress and finish it for your home, that will look just as amazing.

Will the distressed wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

I do believe distressed wood flooring will continue to be popular, particularly with younger generations. However, I don’t anticipate it will spread quite in the same way as handscraped and wirebrushed wood.

If you’re looking at long-term resale value, I would choose handscraped wood.


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2022 Wood Floor Finishing Trends

In 2022, you’ll continue to see flatter finishes. Shine is out as homeowners trend towards flat finishes, including the usual suspects and new(ish) oiled finishes.

Fumed or Smoked-Finished Wood Floors

Fumed or Smoked Wood Floors in a bedroom

Now hitting the 2022 wood flooring scene, fumed wood! Fumed a.k.a “smoked” wood is wood that has been exposed to ammonia gas. The ammonia’s reaction with the natural tannins in the wood causes a darker finish, usually with a gray undertone.

This method of finish is particularly popular with white oak flooring as the ammonia brings out the color in the wood’s grain. Plus, fumed wood evenly colors each plank, providing a sleek, modern flooring.

A fumed or smoke finish will give your floors a vintage chic look. It’s simple and classic with its rich, yet subdued color.

Will the fumed-finished wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

I predict the fume or smoke-finished wood trend will stick around for years to come. Based on its evenly coated application, classic appearance, and gray undertones, you can’t go wrong with this trendy finish.

Satin-Finished Wood Floors

2021 Wood Flooring Trends: Satin-finished wood flooring

A perfect compromise in between glossy and matte, a satin finish still gives you a little shine, however, it’s muted enough to hide dirt and imperfections rather than highlight them the way gloss does.

Satin finishes are typically 40% lustrous, which means on a shiny floor scale of 1-10, they get about a 4. For the last few years, satin finishes have been the most popular among homeowners.

A satin finish will still make your floors shine; it’s just not super shiny. It’s mellow, subdued.

Will the satin-finished wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

The great thing about this middle-of-the-road option is you can be almost certain that this finish will never go out of style. I believe trends will go more and more towards matte finishes as the years go on, but eventually, that trend will change and we will be moving back towards glossier looks.

This means satin finishes will stay current through all of that, making them the safest choice for the longest life of your floor.

Matte-Finished Wood Floors

Engineered Hardwood Smokey Mountain Oak

Although satin has been the most popular finish for the last few years, I predict matte will steal that title sometime over the next 5-7 years.

There is a misconception that matte floors look dull or flat. I don’t think that’s the case at all.

Matte floors make your house look contemporary and eye-catching. Of course, a poor-quality floor can look very dull with a matte finish, but a high-quality wood floor will look gorgeous.

Will the matte-finished wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

At first, I didn’t think matte floors would last longer than the next decade. However, matte is still trending up and I think this trend could last the lifetime of your floor.

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Site-Finished Wood Floors

2021 Wood Flooring Trends

When you want the ultimate control over your style, site-finished wood floors are the way to go. With this method, raw hardwood is initially installed, then sanded and refinished after the fact.

Maybe this sounds a little backward to you, but self-finished wood gives you a more consistent and professional look than pre-finished wood. Factory-finished planks are treated individually, which can lead to color differences along the edge, giving your floor a slightly streaky look.

When you site finish your floor, you get to choose the exact look that you want. Even better, you can see how treatments will look in your own space, with your own lighting. This is a great method for getting the most accurate finish possible.

Will the site-finished wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Yes! As more and more people are opting for unique, individualized looks, it only makes sense that site-finished wood will become more popular. It takes a lot of work to finish your floor, however, so this DIY renaissance might not last forever. Still, it’s good to know that you have that option!

Oiled Wood Floors

Oil-finished engineered wood flooring: Western Skies Maple Engineered Wood

While traditional polyurethane finishes layer on top of the wood, oil finishes penetrate the wood, seeping in and coating every layer of the wood. This makes your wood stronger and continues to improve its strength and durability over time.

Using an oil finish gives the wood that flatter, matte finish that is trendy these days. It looks organic and natural – just what homeowners are looking for in 2022!

To refinish a typical wood floor you have to first sand, then refinish. It’s a bit of a process. However, with oiled wood, to refinish, you just add more oil. Simple as that.

The drawback to an oil finish is it can exacerbate some of the challenges of wood flooring, making it more susceptible to water damage and scratches. While refinishing is easier than traditional finishes, you may find yourself refinishing more often and spending more time maintaining your floor.

Will the oiled wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

It’s still pretty new, but as matte finish increases in popularity, I believed oil finishes will, as well.

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2022 Wood Floor Layout and Pattern Trends

It’s no surprise that patterned floors are still a huge hit. Whether you’re looking for complex, busy patterns or more simplistic layouts, you’ll see sleek, upscale wood flooring pattern trends 2022.

Herringbone Wood Floors

Chevron vs. Herringbone Patterns Graphic

First, let me clear up a little misconception. Chevron and herringbone are very similar, but each has its distinction.

While chevron floors require the wood planks to be angled and come together to a point, Herringbone achieves a similar look by connecting two planks at a 90-degree angle. This pattern can give your floor a focal point, and make the room feel larger, as the Herringbone angles are more narrow.

Longer herringbone patterns are going to be super hot over the next year, especially among young homeowners. Whether it’s in a small area, like a hallway, or a common area like the kitchen, herringbone makes your floor look custom, and unique, at a fraction of the cost.

Will the herringbone wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

This trend isn’t likely to last forever, but it sure looks pretty while it’s here. The beauty of herringbone-patterned flooring is that you don’t need the pattern across your entire floor. If it seems too busy, you can create a focal point in a small area such as entryways, or in the middle of a large room.

Wide Plank Wood Floors

Mohawk Ultrawood Sebastian Isle Engineered Wood

This is one trend you can expect to see every year in every style for the foreseeable future. Longer, wider planks make your room look larger, more open, more cohesive, and less busy.

While shorter, thinner, planks give more of a traditional hardwood look, they will also start to look outdated for that same reason.

In 2022, I recommend getting on board with the large and extra-large plank trend!

“I always pick “trends” that I think will have longevity in the marketplace. Elongated tiles or planks have made a splash and are here to stay. Your best best is 6-8” wide and 24’-48” long. This size lends to a comfortable casual presentation.”  – Courtney Greger, My Flipping Job

Will the wide plank wood trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Manufacturers are only trending towards even wider and longer planks. This trend will soon become a classic staple and will likely last the test of time.


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Did we miss anything? Leave it in the comments – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in the wood flooring industry right now. There is plenty of different, unique options trending that will likely stick around for years to come, which means your possibilities are endless.


2022 Carpet Trends: 25 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas

2022 Carpet Trends: 25 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas

With all the hard surface flooring out there, is carpet still trendy? Regardless of the latest upgrades and innovations of hard surface flooring, carpet remains one of the more popular flooring options out there.

To make sure carpet is just as beautiful and functional as other flooring options, carpet manufacturers are using technology to their advantage, creating popular patterns and jaw-dropping new features.

It’s time to stay ahead of the trends and start looking toward a new year of opportunities and the latest in carpet innovations. So, hang on tight, and let’s explore the 2022 carpet trends filled with some incredible ideas, looks, textures, and more.

“Carpets and rugs are already seeing a resurgence in popularity, and this will become even more the case as they offer homemakers the chance to really showcase strong design statements – especially in vibrant colors – with the ideal being handmade rugs that are truly one-of-a-kind.” – Jamie Sanford, Home Flooring Pros

2022 Trending Carpet Types

If you don’t know much about carpet, you may not realize that you have several types to choose from. You can have cozy, trendy flooring in a snap, from beautifully convenient carpet tiles to stylish throw rugs to innovative carpet planks.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet is notorious for being bulky, cumbersome, and nearly impossible to replace. If you damage or stain just one small area with broadloom carpet, you typically have to replace the entire thing. It is the worst.

One main advantage of carpet tile is that it’s modular and easily replaceable, making it excellent for families and pets. Did one spot get damaged? No problem! Simply take out that one tile and replace it with a new one. The days of replacing your entire floor are over.

In fact, carpet tiles are the biggest carpet trend for basements. Many come with waterproof options, and they are perfect for temperamental, water-prone basements.

Carpet tiles also allow you to install your carpet yourself or create a cute area rug with ease, especially with peel and stick options. Not to mention, the possibilities for patterns and colors are endless! If you love choices, carpet tiles are for you.

Will the carpet tile trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Absolutely, especially with families. I expect to see carpet tiles continue to grow from being primarily a commercial trend to becoming popular in homes.


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Carpet Planks

2021 Carpet Trends: Carpet Planks

What, you thought planks were just for hard surfaces? Think again! Carpet planks are the latest innovation in the carpet industry and are predicted to make a HUGE impact in 2022.

Carpet planks are very similar to carpet tiles. The only difference is the shape. They still have an incredible DIY-friendly installation with great water- and stain-resistant features. But now, you can create unique patterns such as herringbone. You don’t have to compromise coziness for modern looks anymore!

Will the carpet plank trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Carpet planks are here to stay! With the convenience of installation and style, this type of carpet will be around for decades.


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rea Rugs

Greco Outdoor Area Rug on a patio.

Well, if you haven’t caught on by now, area rugs and carpet runners are in.

Bold colors and patterns could easily turn tacky with wall-to-wall carpet. These statement pieces tend to do best in smaller doses. That’s what’s great about area rugs and carpet runners. You can strategically use those bright, bold color and patterned 2022 carpet trends in one statement piece, rather than an entire carpet.

Also, you will see some homeowners use area rugs over carpet to give that popular layered look for a more bohemian vibe.

But no two area rugs are the same, so let’s talk about your trendy area rug options.

Carpet Tile/Plank Rugs

Berber Carpet Tiles as an Area rugs

This makes so much sense, right? The two main challenges with area rugs are that designs are limited and it’s challenging to figure out the right sizing for your space.

You can create your dream area rug and create a custom size to fit your space perfectly with a carpet plank rug. Also, they often end up being less expensive than traditional area rugs.

With the rise of DIY home projects, carpet tile rugs are especially timely right now. They’ll be the most popular with younger homeowners looking to take a bigger part in creating their own style and decor.

Handmade Area Rugs

2021 Carpet Trends: Homemade area rug

Taking originality and control one step further, the hottest area rug trend in 2022 will be specially crafted handmade rugs. I mean, how can those not take off?

Homeowners want to know where their floor comes from and trust the source. Purchasing a handmade piece makes things personal. It’s like when you buy something made just for you from a small, budding business and it comes with that cute little note about how they appreciate you. Except, on a much higher level. Because they made a rug by hand, that’s a commitment.

While it might be pricey, handmade area rugs are creative, artistic, personal, and perfect for homeowners with a passion for design and individualism. The rest of us are going to gawk and wish we had them in our homes, too.

Vintage Area Rugs

Vintage Area Rug

While we love items that come with a history, that’s not exactly what we’re talking about with vintage area rugs. In 2022, you’ll see area rugs that look as though they have lived a long life under a lot of feet. But really, it’s a rug that was made to look worn.

It sounds outlandish, but it’s the eclectic vintage look that adds style and personality to your space. These rugs are actually treated with the “vintage effect” in which carpets deliberately lack bold colors and patterns to look aged. This can be done with special dyeing, and the pile is removed industrially.

If you’re looking to add character with an area rug, why not have it look like it has an incredible story behind it?

Will the area rug trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Yes, area rugs are the perfect solution for hard surface and carpeted floors to add extra coziness and a pop of style.

But, with options such as handcrafted area rugs, they have the potential to get expensive. This is just not the type of thing everyone can afford. I anticipate that manufacturers will work to replicate these handmade looks to appeal to the masses at a more accessible price.


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2022 Trending Carpet Features

As I said, carpet manufacturers are taking advantage of technology to give us an easy, functional carpet that is also cozy. What features in particular are making a splash in 2022? Check it out!

Waterproof Carpet

2021 Carpet Trends: Waterproof carpet in a garage setting.

That’s right, waterproof carpet. I don’t know about you but those are two terms I never thought I’d see together. There has been a pretty big movement in waterproof outdoor carpet over the last decade. Still, the move to fully waterproof indoor carpet has been unheard of.

Until now!

Manufacturers are making an impact with their incredible technology that makes these new carpets 100% waterproof. That means you can now use carpet in any room in the house.

These waterproof carpets won’t soak up the water and stain or get moldy. Instead, you can easily clean up any liquids in seconds without them soaking in for the long haul. Even better, it’s not just broadloom carpets that are waterproof. You can get carpet tiles, planks, and area rugs that are 100% waterproof as well!

Although only a few manufacturers carry waterproof carpets, my hunch is that other manufacturers will jump on board, and, within the next decade, you’ll see waterproof carpets all over the place.

Will the waterproof carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Yes. This trend is here to stay because a waterproof carpet is way more functional than a traditional carpet. But it will be a slow surge.

The thing is, this technology is so new that the floors still come with a pretty hefty price tag. As technologies advance and more manufacturers jump on board, pricing will get more competitive, and then waterproof carpet will take off.


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Stain-Resistant Carpet

Air.o New Beginnings I Carpet with Pad

Oh, you’re worried about your carpet getting nasty stains on it over time? Don’t be! There’s now carpet that is resistant to stains. Be it an accidental spill, or a pet having an accident, you can rest easy knowing your carpet can handle it.

With fibers that are coated to repel any stains, all you have to do is blot away the spills, and you’re good to go. In 2022, your carpets can be stain-free!

Will the stain-resistant carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

This trend will absolutely last. Between kids, pets, and general life, a stain-resistant carpet can save a lot of time and effort. I anticipate more manufacturers will be creating stain-resistant and perhaps stainproof carpet in the future!


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Eco-Friendly Carpet

Shaw Floorigami Tri-Tone Carpet Plank

Nowadays, most homeowners and businesses tend to care a lot about the brands they purchase from and how their purchases impact society, the environment, and more.

That’s why carpet manufacturers started creating products that are not only durable but also environmentally friendly. With carpets made from recycled water bottles, recycled synthetic fibers, and much more, 2022 wants you to have a sustainable carpet you love!

Let’s talk about the options for sustainable carpet.

Recycled Carpet

The recycled flooring trend is hot all around this year, and carpet just happens to be at the forefront of the environmentally responsible flooring movement.

Because “green” or eco-friendly flooring is so big right now, almost all carpet is now being made from recycled materials, at least in part. You’ll see various types of recycled materials, but one of the most innovative ideas is Mohawk’s Air.o carpet These unique carpets are made using recycled plastic bottles that do not compromise the comfort or durability of your floor as it’s also stain-resistant.

Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpets are sustainably sourced from the woven plant fibers of the agave sisal. This fantastic, eco-friendly carpet has a rope-like texture that adds a unique, homey look to any space.

Both natural sisal and sisal blend carpets are highly durable. They can hold up in heavy traffic areas without any problem. For extra stain resistance, choose an option with a sealing or fire-retardant coating.

Jute Rugs

Plant-based flooring is taking off this year! Case-in-point: jute rugs and carpets. Woven from the same plant fibers that often make burlap, jute rugs are a great indoor decor option.

These thick, tightly wound rugs are pretty durable in low-traffic areas, but they won’t be a good fit for really hectic areas. They don’t require any special treatment – vacuum as you would with any other rug. Jute is pretty absorbent, though, since it’s a plant fiber, so avoid lots of moisture and areas where stains are more likely.

Will the eco-friendly carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

If there were ever a sure thing in the world of trends, this would be it. I predict consumers will only demand more sustainable and recycled materials and environmentally responsible flooring options for the next several decades.

So much so that just putting an eco-friendly floor in your home could increase the resale value and reduce time on the market.


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2022 Trending Carpet Themes

Joy Carpets Gridiron Carpet

We just got done talking about carpet colors and pattern trends for 2022. What else can we talk about?

The theme ties everything together. For instance, in your living room, you probably have a certain vibe or theme you’re going for. Be it modern, bohemian, coastal, or retro, you have a certain aesthetic you want. That’s where carpet themes come into play.

In the year 2022, the theme is simple. Express yourself. These carpet themes will help you do just that.

Maximalist Carpet

2021 Carpet Trends: Maximalism carpet

We’ve all heard of minimalism, right? Well in 2022 consumers are wanting the exact opposite. Maximalism is a practice that is inspired by living out LOUD with bold patterns and colors.

This type of carpet is meant to express your style and uniqueness through your flooring. It’s confidence, it’s beautiful, and it’s all the rage for 2022. Gone are those monotone carpets and walls. Instead, picture pops of color, bold carpet patterns, cool wallpaper, and everything you love stylishly put into one room.

Will the maximalist carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

This trend will last for a few years at best. While it is awesome to live your extravagant life throughout your home, like trends, you’re changing every day so the patterns and colors you love now will probably change.

Modern Carpet

FlooringInc 2021 carpet trends: geometric carpet in the living room

If bold and bright isn’t really the move for you design-wise, have no fear! The modern style is here!

Clean, simple, and classic, modern carpet is typically one earth-tone color that creates a cozy, pretty backdrop for your room. Material like sisal and jute will give your space a natural vibe so you can create a beautiful modern room with furniture and decor.

For a more relaxed, peaceful atmosphere, modern carpet is all the rage.

Will the modern carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Because this trend is so subtle and understated, it will more than likely last for decades. Clean and simple always does.

2022 Carpet Color Trends

Carpet color trends are completely different than any other surface. The hard surfaces are all about natural wood looks, so the color options feel limited. Trends in carpet colors are the opposite. Expect to see bright, bold colors, cool, subdued blues, and everything gray.

Bold Carpet Colors

Bold Carpet Colors- Fluid Carpet tile

Homeowners are trending towards statement colors with their carpet. Since carpet is not typically a whole-house flooring these days, you can make a statement. This is especially true with area rugs.

Jewel tones, oranges, purples, and multi-colored carpets and rugs are popping up all over the place. Maximalism is in, so your carpet can make a splash!

Although at one time, flooring was intended to be a neutral backdrop for the rest of your space, homeowners, particularly younger demographics, are turning that idea on its head exploring the idea of incorporating carpet into their design rather than designing around it.

Will the bold carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Yes and no. In area rugs and other small, statement places, this carpet design trend will thrive! But as a modern wall-to-wall carpet trend, you have to be strategic with bright bold colors as it can borderline on too much.

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Blue Carpets

Shaw Block By Block Carpet Tiles

Is there any color more calming and serene than blue? Adding a touch of color without overwhelming the space, cool blue carpets are a color trend I can stand behind.

While the bright, bold colors can make a beautiful, strong statement, they can also be a lot to work with if you’re not a designer. Or, even if you are.

Blue is a nice transition out of the norm of neutral carpets with enough subtlety to appeal to multiple demographics. It works perfectly with trending gray decor and is neutral enough to not pigeonhole you into one design concept.

Will the blue carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Yes, particularly blues with a hint of gray. A subdued blue is easier to work with from a design standpoint.


Gray Carpets

2021 Gray carpet color- Uptown Carpet tile

While most people think of the gray flooring trend in gray wood and wood-look flooring, gray is also popular for carpet right now, too. Traditional neutral colors like beige are out and gray is the new neutral, adding a gorgeous, contemporary look to any room.

Gray has quickly become the most popular trend, not just for flooring, but for homes in general. Gray cabinets, gray doors, you name it. And every shade of gray is still hot and trendy in the home. For your floors and decor.

Even better? If you go with gray, when you choose carpet colors, you can choose just about any shade and still be in style. Even once out-of-date dark gray carpeting is making a comeback.

In addition to looking chic and trendy, gray carpet sets the tone of a cool, contemporary space. It gives you a neutral backdrop for decorating in virtually any color. Aquas, greens, bright bold colors or even black and white – they will all go with your sleek gray carpeting.

Will the gray carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Absolutely! Gray will be hot and trendy for decades to come.


Multi-Color Carpets

Multi-Color Carpet trends

Okay, so this is one of the coolest things happening in the carpet world! You don’t have to choose one color for your carpet, you can have them all!

In carpet runner trends and area rug trends specifically, you will see bright, bold colors. Whether you’re looking for an area rug for your kids’ room or going the maximalist route for decor, a multi-color area rug can give your floors an eye-catching statement.

Will the multi-color carpet trends last in 2022 and beyond?

As a statement piece, you bet! But if you’re considering doing a multi-colored wall-to-wall carpet, I wouldn’t count on it.


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2022 Carpet Layout and Pattern Trends

In 2022, you will see a combination of solid, traditional carpets with the up-and-coming contemporary carpet patterns in bold, eye-catching designs. While traditional isn’t going anywhere, fun patterns are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among young homeowners.

Geometric Carpet Patterns

Joy Carpets Moderne Carpet

The days of boring broadloom carpets are over. One of the biggest carpet industry trends is a modern patterned carpet.

Inspired by maximalism, Moroccan trellis designs, reminiscent of the also trending arabesque tiles, will be one of the hottest trends this year. I also anticipate plenty of hexagon pattern carpets and even some new, creative patterned wall-to-wall carpeting.

Will the geometric carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Well, I don’t see any reason why the more subtle, classy patterns can’t stay current. Big, bold patterns, however, will likely go out of style in the next 5-10 years.

At least, until they are revived in another 30.


nimal Print Patterns

FlooringInc 2021 carpet trends: giraffe print carpet in a living room setting

When it’s time to make a big statement in an otherwise bland space, nothing says “ROAR” like a cheetah, zebra, or giraffe print. These patterns aren’t just for the kids’ room. Spice up your office space with a sleek, sophisticated print, or create a fun conversation piece for visitors in the living room.

The choices don’t end there. You can go big with a full coverage carpet, or moderate your wild urges with a smaller area rug. Whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong. Just follow your instincts!

Even better, all those bold patterns are perfect for distracting eyes away from stains and dirt. Haven’t rolled out the vacuum in a few days? No problem. Your animal print has got you covered.

Will the animal print carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Probably not, or at least not for long. This is a big, bold choice. Some people might love animal prints in their homes forever! But most won’t. If you have plans to sell your home anytime soon, I recommend you choose something a bit less adventurous.


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Floral Print Patterns

Floral Carpet Trends: Joy Carpets

Florals? For carpet? Groundbreaking.

But seriously, it is! Bold floral patterns are back and better than ever with a new, neutral twist. While you can still find a brightly colored floral carpet, the latest craze is a gray carpet with intricate floral designs.

The muted color creates a slightly vintage look. Plus, that neutral backdrop lets you mix and match loud colors and fun patterns together in unique combinations.

Will the floral print carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Floral carpets will never go away completely. Sure, they may move up and down on the trend lists, but they’ll always be a classic. Carpet + detailed floral pattern = a match made in interior design heaven.


Carpet Tile Layouts

2021 carpet trends: checker carpet tile pattern layout

Similar to broadloom carpet shapes, homeowners are using carpet tiles to create shapes and designs through the layout of their tiles. This is especially popular in businesses but is sneaking into home carpet design trends, as well.

In 2022, you’ll see a lot of mixing and matching colors and patterns to provide unique, one-of-a-kind looks.

Will the carpet tile pattern trend last in 2022 and beyond?

I predict this look will stay current in businesses and homes alike for years to come. They’re too convenient not to!


Carpet Plank Layouts

Carpet Plank Layout: EF Contract Seep Carpet Planks

Why be kind of extra, when you can be extremely extra in 2022? With carpet planks, you can have the famous herringbone tile pattern in your carpet! Be it an area rug, or a wall-to-wall installation in your room, carpet plank patterns are that additional pop of personality you want in your flooring with coziness.

Will the carpet plank pattern trend last in 2022 and beyond?

I predict the carpet plank pattern will last in most commercial spaces for decades to come. As for residential properties, this trend will last for a good 5-10 years.


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2022 Trending Carpet Textures

A carpet’s texture can be what sets it apart from others. You can get different designs within your carpet based on how manufacturers treat the carpet’s fibers. Which makes the carpet unique and eye-catching, while still feeling great underfoot.

Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet: Masland Distinguished

Softness is exactly what makes carpet special, and that ultra-softness is something hard floors just cannot compete with.

People started to see carpet as high-maintenance with the trapped dust and allergens, along with the need for constant vacuuming. So, the plush carpet lost its spark for a while. But now, with life-friendly features, such as stain-resistance, and waterproof fibers, plush carpets are BACK!

That’s why we are seeing a massive surge in carpet buying trends going back to thick, luxurious, plush carpeting.

Will the plush carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Yes. You’ll see lots of the plush carpet trends in new homes in cool climates.

It may become more and less trendy throughout the years, but until they come up with an equally comfortable alternative elsewhere, this trend isn’t going anywhere for good!

Cut and Loop Carpet

FlooringInc 2020 carpet trends: gray geometric print carpet for the basement

Cut and loop is exactly what it sounds like: carpet that combines cut carpet fibers and looped carpet fibers.

photo via Shaw Floors

When you combine cuts and loops, you can create unique, stylish patterns and textures. You’ve probably seen this a lot in rugs. When you run your hand along the rug and you can feel the contrasting textures? That is usually cut and loop carpeting.

Patterns are super in right now across all floor types, and these cut and loop patterned carpets have been going strong for several years now.

Will the cut and loop carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Because it’s a unique texture and patterns that are different from your run-of-the-mill carpet, we believe cut and loop carpet will last for the next decade or so.


Frieze Carpet

Frieze Carpet Trends: Air.o New Beginnings

Frieze is also known as “twist” carpet, and it refers to carpet fibers that are twisted many times, making them look almost curly.

The new, updated frieze carpets inspired by shag carpet texture are super cute and tremendously popular. A little time and technology go a long way and, now, carpet manufacturers have taken an outdated fad and come up with a trendy new twist.

Will the frieze carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Frieze carpets look a lot nicer than old-school shag carpets, plus they give a more relaxed version of carpet. For that reason, I believe the frieze carpet will be trending for the next 10 years.


Ribbed Carpet

Ribbed Carpet Trends

Ribbed carpet is exactly how it sounds – little ribs of texture throughout the carpet.

Over the last several years, ribbed carpet has been quite popular in offices. This sleek, clean, modern carpet trend offers an upscale carpet look that is more business and less homey. Even though I would call ribbed carpet tiles more of a commercial carpet trend, you will see it used in lots of home offices, closets, and more areas around the home in 2022.

Will the ribbed carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

We don’t expect this carpet texture trend to stay around in homes forever, and we anticipate that within the next few years, ribbed carpet will be back to more of a business look.


2022 Carpet Trends by Room

To make sure you’re styling in every room, let’s go over the carpet trends in each room of the home.

Bedroom Carpet Trends

Floorigami Tambre Carpet Plank

The bedroom is probably the most popular room in the home to use wall-to-wall carpeting. I mean, it’s supposed to be your comfy, cozy oasis. While other rooms in the home are often designed with guests in mind, your bedroom is the place that is, typically, just for you.

The latest carpet trends for bedrooms include many of the trends mentioned above. You’ll see primarily plush carpets along with an influx of environmentally responsible carpeting.

Popular carpet colors for bedrooms include grays and cool blues. You’ll see less bright bolds and more cool and calming colors. Perhaps an area rug to add in some of your personality.

Will the bedroom carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

As I said, carpet in the bedroom is one of the more popular applications out there. For that, this trend will last for years to come.


Living Room Carpet Trends

Plush frieze carpet in a living room setting

For family movie nights and a cozy place to cuddle up, nothing beats the soft, soothing feeling of a carpeted living room.

Here, you can go one of two ways: you can go for the simple, understated gray living room carpet, or you can get on board with the fun, bold patterns, and colors. This is one of the main rooms people will see, so many young homeowners are choosing to go a little crazy, have a little fun.

In 2022, living rooms will see lots of the layered area rug trend along with waterproof carpet, gray carpet, and carpet patterns.

Will the living room carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

If anything, area rugs in the living room will last for many decades. Because we do so much living in the living room, hard surfaces are seen as the easier option, so unless you’re in an apartment, area rugs in the living room will be the lasting trend.


Basement Carpet Trends

2021 Carpet Trends: 25 Eye-Catching Carpet Ideas: Ribbed tile carpet in a living room setting.

For a long time, carpet was off-limits in basements. I mean, we all know basements are prone to floods, and water damage and carpet are….well, not super awesome in that type of environment.

That all changed with the surge of carpet tiles. Not only are there lots of options for waterproof carpet tiles, but they are also the most effortless floor to replace. If one carpet tile gets damaged, you can remove it and replace it with a sparkly new one. Perfect for the high-maintenance basement.

Now, with the addition of waterproof broadloom carpeting, you will see a surge in plush, luxurious carpet back in basements across the country.

Will the basement carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

The tremendous technological advances of carpet make it easier to convert your basement into a cozy living space. That’s why I foresee carpet in the basement being a lasting trend.


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Staircase Carpet Trends

Photo by CBH Architects – More staircase ideas

The days of ugly, worn beige carpeted stairs are behind us. Although most people think hard surfaces are trendy for stairs these days, designer carpet runners are jumping back into the limelight.

The latest carpet trends for stairs include intricately designed carpets and carpet runners. If there’s any place to let the details shine, it’s your stairs!

Adding a high-end carpet runner to your stairs keeps them cozy while elevating your interior design. Win, win.

Will the staircase carpet trend last in 2022 and beyond?

Carpet runners are here to stay, for sure. They’re functional and easy to replace.


As you can see, a lot is going on in the carpet industry right now. There are plenty of unique options trending that will likely stick around for years to come, which means your possibilities are endless.

If you want something hot that will last for the long haul, we recommend going soft, plush, and durable. Even better if it’s waterproof!