9 Rubber Flooring Pros and Cons: What You Should Know

Thinking about building a home gym and wondering if rubber flooring is the right choice for your space? You probably know that rubber flooring is the gold standard in gym flooring, but maybe you’re concerned about potential drawbacks.

The last thing you want is to make a purchase you regret. This guide can help! We’re taking an in-depth look at rubber flooring to find all the benefits and some important considerations. 

Discover the top nine rubber flooring pros and cons to help you make a smart shopping decision. 


What is Rubber Gym Flooring?

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Known for its versatility and durability, rubber flooring is the ideal surface for your gym. Whether you’re trying to create a workout room or updating a commercial gym, you can find the perfect flooring to meet your needs.

Most rubber flooring is made from materials like recycled vehicle tires. This makes the flooring extremely durable and low-maintenance. 

Rubber flooring also comes with several DIY-friendly options. You can choose from interlocking tiles, rolls, mats, and sheet to fit your space.

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Pros of Rubber Gym Flooring


Rubber is the ultimate gym flooring option, and there are many reasons for this, from durability to DIY installation. Check out these advantages of rubber flooring that make it so popular.

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Slip Resistance

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Rubber flooring is unique because it becomes more slip-resistant when it gets wet. That means you have a safe, slip-free surface to work out on, no matter the conditions. You don’t have to worry about spills causing potential injury.

Plus, because it doesn’t get slippery when wet, rubber flooring is also ideal for outside use. Install it in your yard to create an easy outdoor workout area. 


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In addition to being slip-resistant, rubber flooring is also water-resistant! 

To be 100% certain no water ever reaches your subfloor, you can seal the flooring with a rubber floor finish and sealer and also seal the seams with a seam sealer. Without a finish and sealer, there is still a chance water can get under the flooring.

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Incredibly Durable


Rubber flooring is built with durability in mind. After all, it needs to handle heavy workouts and high-traffic commercial gyms. 

While the common misconception is that thicker rubber means higher durability, that’s not necessarily true. Durability is more about density. Dense rubber flooring is tough and durable. You can rip apart low-density rubber flooring with your bare hands.

Vulcanized and virgin rubber are the most durable. If you need superb durability, make sure to search for these options.

Vulcanized rubber: During the vulcanization process, the rubber is compressed into a dense, ultra-durable, non-porous rubber. This option naturally has a significantly milder scent than non-vulcanized rubber.Virgin rubber: For the purest natural rubber, you can choose virgin rubber floor tiles, which don’t include any recycled material. Virgin rubber is guaranteed to have no additives or latex.

bsorbs Impact


Intense workouts can put a lot of stress on your joints, so you need flooring that can absorb the impact of your burpees, plyometric workouts, and dropped weights.

High impact rubber flooring can lessen the stress and wear on your knees, back, and hips, and protect you from injury.

For the best high-impact gym flooring, look for products made from recycled, lower-density rubber. You can also find flooring with waffle backings designed specifically to absorb heavy impacts.

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Easy Installation

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One of the best things about rubber flooring is the ease of installation. Whether you choose rubber floor tiles, rubber rolls, or rubber gym mats, you can upgrade your gym in a single afternoon. 

Rubber tiles are the most DIY-friendly option. The edges interlock together like giant puzzle pieces, and they’re heavy enough that you don’t need to glue them down. 

Rubber flooring rolls are also extremely easy to install. You just roll them out, and you’re done!

Cons of Rubber Gym Flooring




Rubber flooring does have a distinct smell. This is caused by off-gassing from the glue that holds the flooring together and the rubber itself.

Some products smell stronger than others, depending on the type of raw material used or how the flooring was made. For example, virgin rubber flooring doesn’t really have a smell, so if you’re sensitive to the smell, this would be the best option for you.

When you first get your flooring, the smell will be the strongest, but after installation, it will become less intense after a few weeks. 

You can also mop a few times with a mild soap and water cleaning solution like Dawn or Tide, and then keep the room well-ventilated or leave the flooring outside to dry. This should alleviate the smell.


Big Chip Rubber Rolls

Rubber flooring is very functional, but it’s not necessarily known for its style. For the most part, your flooring is going to be black. If you want a minimalist look, this isn’t a problem. 

One way to amp up the style is to introduce color. Some options will come with EPDM color flecks, containing anywhere from 10% to 95% color fleck. Virgin rubber flooring even offers full color for a more vivid look. Just keep in mind, more color typically means a bigger price tag. 


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As you consider rubber flooring pros and cons, price may be a big factor. Rubber is premium gym flooring. It’s ultra-durable with highly sought-after features like shock absorbency, a non-slip surface, and easy installation. This is an investment in your gym and your fitness, and the cost is worth it.


Pre-Cut Regrind Rolls

The densest and most durable options are pretty heavy, especially if you’re installing a cumbersome rubber roll or a mat. 

If you want more portable gym flooring, consider something lighter like 6mm Energy Rubber Tiles

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Those are the biggest rubber flooring pros and cons. Now that you know the top pros and cons, you’ll have a better idea if this is the right home gym flooring for you. 

If you want to upgrade your gym with rubber flooring, get started with some free samples to find the perfect options for you.

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