2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Garage Upgrades

You probably know somebody who takes pride in their garage. They’re always spending time there, working on a project, or tinkering on their car. If you’re looking for gifts for garage lovers, you’re in the right place.  

You’re also in the right place if you want a gift for someone who needs…a little bit of help with their garage. Maybe it’s so cluttered that you can’t even park a car inside, or maybe the floor is stained and looks less-than-perfect. Don’t worry! We have solutions for that.

Whether you want to gift some storage solutions or upgrade the style with flooring and furniture, you have options. So without further ado, here are some perfect garage gifts for the holidays.

Stylish Garage Flooring

A functional garage starts with the floor. Bare concrete just doesn’t have the style, stain resistance, and slip resistance of quality floor tiles or rolls. This is the first step in creating a garage that’s the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Hard Plastic Tiles

Some of the toughest garage tiles on the market, hard plastic tiles resist staining from oil, gas, and most household chemicals. The impact-resistant polypropylene plastic holds up to heavy rolling vehicles.

If you know someone who wants a stylish floor, garage floor tiles are your best bet, because they offer the most color options. You can also choose interlocking tiles with a variety of surface textures – like vented and diamond plate – to create a customized look.

Customer Favorites:

Nitro TilesDiamond Grid-Loc Tiles
Vented Grid-Loc Tiles

Soft PVC Tiles

Slate Flex Nitro Tiles

Why buy flexible PVC tiles? To start, they are just as durable as hard plastic tiles, and also offer a quieter sound when walking over them. Easy to clean and maintain, these tiles are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals and are backed by long warranties. 

They also come with a selection of bold colors to match the look of your garage. Plus, the diamond plate or coin textures provide a safe, slip-resistant surface even if the floor gets wet.

Customer Favorites:

Slate Flex Nitro TilesCoin Flex Nitro TilesDiamond Flex Nitro TilesSHOP ALL SOFT PVC TILES

Garage Floor Rolls

Coin Nitro Rolls

Vinyl garage flooring provides the best value in garage flooring. Made from durable yet flexible 100% premium grade virgin polyvinyl, these flooring rolls can be custom cut to fit your space. They’re easy to clean and slip-resistant when wet.

With a variety of colors, and surface textures like diamond plate, coin patterns, and more, you’re sure to find a style to fit your friend’s or family member’s garage. A flooring roll is the perfect garage floor covering for use underneath car jacks, so keep them in mind for your mechanic friends! Each roll is backed by industry-leading warranties.

Customer Favorites:

Coin Nitro RollsDiamond Nitro RollsSHOP ALL GARAGE FLOOR ROLLS

Garage Floor Mats

Diamond Nitro Roll - Motorcycle Mats

If your friend or family member just needs a floor mat to fit under a vehicle, then you’re in luck! We offer a range of garage floor mats to fit everything from motorcycles and golf carts to trucks and SUVs. 

Garage mats come with a lot of benefits. In addition to being stylish and durable, they are designed to protect the subfloor from any leaks, dirt, or water that drains from the vehicle. Plus, after catching all that dirt, they are very easy to clean and maintain.

Customer Favorites:

Diamond Nitro Garage Floor MatsDiamond Nitro Roll – Motorcycle MatsCoin Nitro Garage Floor MatsSHOP ALL GARAGE FLOOR MATS

Carpet For Garages

Interweave Carpet Tiles

To help make a garage into a cozy getaway, you might want to gift something other than standard garage flooring. That’s where carpet comes in, but you don’t want to give them just any carpet. You need something that can handle traffic, staining, and chemicals.

Look for commercial-grade carpet that is soil, stain, wear-resistant. This ensures the floor can handle everything you throw at it while adding style, softness, and warmth to your garage. Plus, carpet tiles or carpet mats are designed for quick and easy installation. So you don’t have to spend money hiring an installer. 

Customer Favorites:

Impressions Carpet TilesWeave Carpet TilesInterweave Carpet TilesShop All Garage Carpet

Garage Gym Flooring


If you know someone who wants space for a home gym, the garage is the perfect spot. They’ll need the right garage gym flooring to protect the concrete from heavy equipment and dropped heavy weights. 

Rubber gym flooring like mats, rolls, and tiles will absorb shock and support joints during tough workouts. Rubber gym flooring is also incredibly DIY-friendly if you want to make this a quick weekend project. 

Customer Favorites:

3/4″ Shock Mats3/8″ Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles3/4″ Extreme MatsShop All Garage Gym Flooring

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Heavy-Duty Garage Cabinets

The garage can become a dumping ground for tools and equipment, and it can easily become a mess if you’re not careful. Give the gift of organization with storage cabinets that can clear up the clutter.

Wall Cabinets

Ulti-MATE Garage 2.0 Series 2-Door Wall Cabinet

If there’s limited floor space for cabinets, then why not put them on the wall? Our 2-door wall cabinets are great for storing items out of plain sight and out of reach of pets or kids. The best part? They feature a modular design so you can always add more to expand your storage.


Base Cabinets

Ulti-MATE Garage 2.0 Series 4-Drawer Base Cabinet

A base cabinet is a perfect starter for an organized garage. You can choose from cabinets with drawers or doors, and all options are made from durable, medium-density fiberboard that can handle 200 lbs. A metallic-look PVC finish creates a sleek and stylish look that will fit with any decor.


Tall Cabinets

Ulti-MATE Garage 2.0 Series 2-Door Tall Cabinet

Store almost anything with a spacious single-door or 2-door tall cabinet. Our cabinets feature contemporary looks and are durable enough to hold 200lbs. The doors also lock so you can keep tools and equipment secure.


Cabinet Sets


Ulti-MATE Garage 2.0 Series 10-PC Kit

Combine wall, base, and tall cabinets for the ultimate garage storage solution. Our garage cabinet kits come complete with durable bamboo worktops so you have a place to work on your projects. 

Different size options allow you to choose a kit to fit your garage space without a problem. These packages will transform any garage into a functional workspace for mechanics and tinkerers.



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Convenient Tool Storage

Large cabinets can take care of the clutter, but it still might be difficult to find the exact tool or piece of hardware you need. That’s where tool boxes and other storage solutions come in. Gift these tool organizers to help make everything easy to find.

Tool Chests and Cabinets

Homak H2Pro Roller Cabinet

For the person who has every imaginable variation of every tool, a tool chest is a perfect gift. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, our tool chests and cabinets offer full-length drawer pulls,  secure locking systems, and non-slip EVA drawer liners to protect valuable tools.

The Homak H2Pro tool storage system is a full series of rolling cabinets and other pieces. You can customize your storage to get exactly what you need, from top chests to side lockers and more.


Portable Tool Boxes

Homak Industrial Friction Toolboxes

A toolbox is the perfect portable storage option for transporting tools and keeping them secure. You have a lot of options when it comes to picking a gift for your tool-toting friend.

Our professional-grade tool boxes are made from 21-gauge steel, featuring a locking system and multi-drawers designs. For something simpler, we also offer plastic tool boxes or polyester canvas tool bags.


Small Parts Organizers

Homak Plastic Double-Sided Organizer

For small bits and pieces of hardware, like nails, washers, and screws, a parts organizer is the ideal solution. They’re designed with convenience in mind, featuring secure plastic latches and a clear lid so you can view the contents of the box without having to open it. 

You can take a lightweight organizer anywhere to always have the right supplies at hand. For a more permanent storage solution, consider a set of stackable bins that can hold all your small hardware in one easy-to-find spot.



The Ultimate Garage Furniture

The garage isn’t just a place to work – it can be a great hangout spot, too, and you can make this a reality with awesome garage-themed furniture. Put the finishing touches on that man cave design, with everything from barstools to bookshelves.

Garage Desks

PitStop GT Spoiler Desk

Know somebody with a garage office? You can make their day when you buy them a garage-themed desk. It can act as a worktop or just a place to get organized. 

Designed to fit any garage, our desks are available in compact sizes for smaller spaces, but also offer connectors to extend the surface area if you need it. Each desk comes with four lockable wheels, making it easy to move.


Garage Workbenches

Homak 3-Door 59

No garage is complete without a workbench. We offer both industrial and rolling workbenches, so you have a place to put your portable radio, your tools, or your ongoing projects as you hang out in your garage. 

The sleek designs feature ample storage, making these worktops a functional addition to your space. Choose from pegboards, swivel drawers, and more.


Service Carts

Homak Pro 4-Drawer Slide Top Service Cart

For someone who works on a ton of projects in their garage, it can be a pain to constantly carry tools back and forth. That’s why a garage service cart is essential. No more back and forth trips to an overfilled cabinet! Everything is within arm’s reach, and they get an extra work surface. 

Gift a rolling tool cart perfect for organizing essential tools in one convenient spot that can be moved from place to place. Many come with lockable drawers, slide-top panels, and even slotted sides to hang screwdrivers.

Shop Garage Service Carts

Ergonomic Chairs

PitStop SE Office Chair

A racing-themed chair is a unique addition to the garage. Our selection of stylish leatherette chairs provide extra comfort while you work, or while you kick back and relax. 

These comfortable chairs feature highly detailed craftsmanship, including automotive accents like embossed tire tread armrests, racing suspension springs, and racing-inspired wheels. 

All that style comes with functionality, too. Our office chairs are built for comfort, with ergonomic settings and adjustable seat height.


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Happy Shopping!

Hopefully, now you’ve found the perfect gift for the garage lover in your life. They’ll be organized, stylish, and ready to relax in their upgraded dream garage.


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