Gravity Vault Uses Luxury Vinyl Tile with CFIC to Transform the Look and Feel of Their Space

Gravity Vault is a collection of indoor rock climbing gyms with locations across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Their floors see walking, running, and jumping daily, and their facilities need products that handle more than foot traffic, but rather a foot stampede.

When choosing the flooring for an upcoming Brick, NJ location, they decided to enlist our professionals’ help here at Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts (CFIC). We worked with them to create a better space than their original in the hopes that it will save them money.

The Trouble With Polished Concrete Flooring

Gravity Vault has traditionally used polished concrete in their facilities for what they attributed to aesthetic and practical purposes. They specified early on with our team that they wanted the same flooring for the building’s retail shop, party, and multipurpose rooms.

Polished concrete is often considered a durable, low-maintenance material. However, it will scuff, stain, and even crack, especially in high-traffic areas. A mop, bucket, and water should be okay to maintain polished concrete but grinding the concrete may be necessary depending on the floor’s condition. Large and heavy cleaning machines are often required to keep polished concrete clean.

While planning their new location, Gravity Vault decided to shift focus and go with Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) instead. CFIC was happy to help since LVT is one of our specialties. We knew the LVT would hold up against all they had to throw at it, but they wanted to see for themselves. Optimistic about the project and what we could do for their facility, we began installing the LVT.

LVT Flooring: An Unsung Hero

As we explored before, polished concrete garners praise as the sensible option for resisting wear and tear in busy spaces, yet this isn’t always the reality. When a customer comes to CFIC looking for reliable, low-maintenance flooring that can also play into their design, we always suggest LVT as a tried and true.

LVT is an up-and-coming product made from PVC materials, formulated to look like anything from ceramic tile to hardwood floors. It is stain-resistant, doesn’t damage as easily as the products it mimics, and there’s no waxing or buffing involved.

One of the spaces was a room designated for children’s birthday parties and yoga classes. It would require frequent proper cleanings after parties to be ready for guests to work out on it later in the day. In this case, too, LVT proved to be the best option.

As opposed to the heavy sanitizing machines used on polished concrete floors, all you need is a neutral pH cleaning solution to keep it looking spick-and-span. Polished concrete doesn’t exactly scream ZEN either. The LVT provided more comfort and added a much-needed warming element to the room for customers looking to “namaste.”

So, what do all these features add up to? Less money and time spent on flooring upkeep and styling and more focused on Gravity Vault’s business.

The Results

The LVT used in Gravity Vault looks like natural hardwood. The look of their new location is warm and fitting of an active environment. LVT also helps the space acoustically. Since it is larger and often busy, the sound doesn’t bounce off the floors as noticeably, which is a big bonus for Gravity Vault, and they are pleased with the result.

As for maintenance, Gravity Vault couldn’t be more satisfied and is looking to add LVT in other locations as well to replace the polished concrete.

At CFIC, we are proud of how this project turned out both with our client’s satisfaction and the final look we created. We know that this flooring will last in Gravity Vault for a long time and continue to exceed their expectations.

If you have a project similar to this one and are looking for flooring experts to help you accomplish it, give us a call today!


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