Best Carpet for Pets in 2022: 7 Pet-Friendly Carpet Options

Your pet is a member of your family, so of course you want to consider their needs when buying a new carpet. If you want to find the best carpet for pets that is non-toxic, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, you’re in the right place.

We know a thing or two about carpets, and we know a thing or two about pets. So we created this guide on pet proof carpet to make things easy for you!

To get started, learn what you need to look for in carpet, including stain resistance, durability, and healthiness. Then check out a roundup of our seven best pet-friendly carpet options.

Best Overall: Anderson Tuftex Faux PawBest for High Traffic: Air.o Fresh Start I Carpet with PadMost Affordable: Anderson Tuftex Del MorroMost Stylish: Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision Carpet PlankBest Stain Resistance: In a Snap Carpet Tile with PadMost Eco-Friendly: Air.o Gentle Breeze Carpet with PadMost DIY-Friendly: Walk in the Park Carpet Tile with Pad

How to Choose the Best Carpet for Pets

It can be overwhelming trying to find the best type of carpet for pets and you. To help you get started in your search, learn more about the important factors you should consider, including durability, stain resistance, carpet fiber material, and VOCs.


The perfect carpet for your pet will be soft and comfortable, but tough when you need it to be. With lots and paws and claws running around, a durable, high-traffic carpet is going to be a lifesaver for your home.

Pile height: For the most durability, we recommend a low pile. The pile is the height of the carpet fibers, and the higher the pile, the longer the fibers. You don’t want a shag rug that your furry friend can tear up.

Looped fibers: You should also strongly consider Berber or looped carpet fibers. Because the fibers are looped, and no loose cut ends are exposed, the carpet won’t flatten or get matted as easily.

Face weight: The face weight of carpet refers to the weight of one square yard of carpet. The more densely packed the fibers, the higher the face weight. It’s a good rule of thumb to assume carpets with higher face weights are more durable.

Stain Resistance

Accidents happen! It’s just a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with stains on your carpet if your pet makes a mess. These days, you can buy stain-resistant carpet for pets to protect your floor from the inevitable spills and accidents.

Stainmaster carpet is an industry-standard for stain resistance. These carpets offer the ultimate stain and soil resistance. They resist absorbing spills, so they’re easier to clean.


Carpets can be made from a few different fiber materials, and they each have their advantages and drawbacks.

NylonNylon is highly durable, making it perfect for rambunctious pets. Nylon carpets have been known to last 15-20 years. This fiber is typically treated with a stain-blocking technology that helps it stay beautiful even after spills and messes. 

Polyester Polyester is made from recycled materials like plastic water bottles. It’s almost as durable as nylon, and it’s also cheaper! Polyester carpet has the largest range of color options, and it’s extremely fade- and stain-resistant.

Olefin/Polypropylene Olefin is naturally stain-resistant and fade-resistant because the fibers are dyed as they’re being created. This results in color throughout the fiber, and not just on the surface. It’s also known as polypropylene. One downside of olefin is that it attracts and absorbs oil, which can leave it looking dingy.

Low VOCs

VOCs are also known as volatile organic compounds, human-made chemicals found in paints, cleaning supplies, furniture, and even flooring. They can potentially cause adverse health effects. For example, some VOCs are known to cause cancer in animals and are suspected to cause cancer in humans (source

Obviously, you want to protect your pet’s health as much as your own. The good news is that you can shop specifically for healthy, low-VOC carpet that is certified and tested for indoor air quality.

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Overall Best Carpet for Pets

Anderson Tuftex Faux Paw

nderson Tuftex Faux Paw

This is a carpet designed with your furry friends in mind. With PetProtect fibers that can handle any stains or accidents, this carpet will look fresh and new for longer. Plus, it comes in a range of colors to match any decor.

This pet proof carpet boasts lifetime warranties for stain and soil resistance. You’ll also enjoy a 20-year texture retention warranty. That’s a lot of years of fun and play with your pet!

Price: 3/5



Important Features:

100% SuperiaSD® NylonFace Weight: 25.0 ouncesSoftbac Platinum BackingCut-loop patternMade in the USAFeatures STAINMASTER® PetProtect® treatmentShop Anderson Tuftex Faux Paw

Best High Traffic Carpet for Pets

Air.o Fresh Start I Carpet with Pad

ir.o Fresh Start I Carpet with Pad

This is an innovative new product that features attached padding, combining two products in one. Stain-resistant, soil-resistant, and pet urine resistant, this carpet is designed to lay flat for life. It’s made from polyester fibers that can handle heavy residential traffic and the wear and tear that comes with it. It won’t buckle, wrinkle, or delaminate.

Like all Air.o products, this carpet is free of VOCs, latex, and odor. This Air.o Fresh Start carpet offers a lifetime stain and soil warranty and a 10-year quality warranty.

Price: 2/5


Important Features:

Won’t absorb moistureInstalls in 1/2 the timeLays flat and stays flatStain-resistant, soil-resistant, and resistant to pet accidentsShop Air.o Fresh Start I Carpet with Pad

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Best Affordable Carpet for Pets

Anderson Tuftex Del Morro

nderson Tuftex Del Morro

This is a carpet designed for busy houses on a budget! Made from durable nylon fiber, Del Morro carpet is treated with R2X stain-resistant treatment, so it can handle the spills and accidents of everyday life. The cut pile fibers give a softer feel, and they’re twisted for a more casual, modern look.

This carpet comes with a 20-year texture retention warranty, as well as limited lifetime warranties for stain resistance and soil resistance. Yes, it’s plush, comfortable, and durable, but will it break the bank? No way! The best part about this carpet is that it boasts all those features while still being affordable.

Price: 1/5

Important Features:

100% Continuous Filament NylonFace Weight: 25.0 ouncesClassicbac BackingCut pile texture styleR2X stain treatmentMade in the USAShop Anderson Tuftex Del Morro

Best Stylish Carpet for Pets

Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision Carpet Plank

Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision Carpet Plank

Looking for something stylish, but that doesn’t skimp on important features like stain protection? Look no further. This carpet comes in fashionable plank sizing, allowing for unique installation types, unlike other floor options. Think herringbone patterns, mixing and matching with colors, and offset brick-like patterns. 

In addition to all that style, these planks have DIY-friendly peel and stick backings, which makes them easy to remove and rinse before stains set in. You can install the tiles wall to wall, or create a custom area rug. It’s never been easier or quicker to transform and update your space.

Price: 3/5



Important Features:

Easy peel and stick installationHypoallergenic and stain-resistantCut and loop pileTiles can be removed, sink rinsed, and replacedShop Dynamic Vision Carpet Plank

Best Stain-Resistant Carpet for Pets

In a Snap Carpet Tile with Pad

In a Snap Carpet Tile with Pad

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your carpet is at first if it’s ruined by stains. That’s why stain-resistance has to be a priority, and this carpet tile is all about stain resistance. 

Boasting a limited lifetime stain warranty and a 10-year soil warranty, this carpet is ready to handle the messiest pets. It’s even resistant to bleaching! Now that’s impressive.

But wait, there’s more! In a Snap Carpet Tiles are also very easy to install on your own. They feature a peel and stick back with attached padding. You can install them quickly and easily, and then your worries about stains are over.

Price: 3/5



Important Features:

Fade, bleach, and stain-resistant24 oz face weightSeamless appearanceDIY carpet installationCarpet pad attachedReleasable, replaceable, and recyclable tileShop In a Snap Carpet Tile

Best Eco-Friendly Carpet for Pets

Air.o Gentle Breeze Carpet with Pad

ir.o Gentle Breeze Carpet with Pad

If sustainable and healthy flooring is important to you, you’ll love Gentle Breeze carpet. It’s 100% recyclable and clean. What do we mean by clean? 

First, it’s hypoallergenic. It provides better airflow and it doesn’t cling to dust and dirt as much as standard carpet. Even better, it’s free of latex, odor, and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Air.o carpet is made using polyester fibers, making it inherently stain-resistant, which is why it has a lifetime stain and soil warranty. To top it all off, this is a DIY-friendly broadloom carpet. It comes with padding attached, saving weekend warriors time and money. 

Price: 3/5



Important Features:

Won’t absorb moistureFree of latex, odors, and VOCsInstalls in 1/2 the timeLays flat and stays flatStain-resistant, soil-resistant, and resistant to pet accidentsShop Air.o Gentle Breeze Carpet

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Best DIY-Friendly Carpet for Pets

Walk in the Park Carpet Tile with Pad

Walk in the Park Carpet Tile with Pad

Installing this carpet is a walk in the park. Hey, maybe that’s where the name comes from! 

These tiles feature a peel and stick backing, so you don’t need any special tools or adhesives to install them yourself. Just peel, and stick! Plus, the padding is already attached, which saves you another step and ensures that your carpet is plush and comfortable. 

Walk in the Park carpet squares are backed by a ton of long warranties: 15-year limited wear and defect warranties, and limited lifetime fade and stain warranties. It may take no time at all to install, but once you’re done, this carpet is in it for the long haul.

Price: 4/5




Important Features:

34 oz face weightReleasable, replaceable, and recyclable tileFade, bleach, and stain-resistantSeamless appearanceDIY installationCarpet pad attachedShop Walk in the Park Carpet Tile

Pet-Friendly Carpet FAQ

Ribbed Carpet Tile

What is the best carpet cleaner solution for pets?

The best carpet cleaning solution is a sanitizer and deodorizer that will disinfect your carpet if your pet has an accident. You want something that can remove stains, neutralize pet odors, and disinfect the area. The carpet cleaner should also be non-toxic to ensure the safety of your pet. 

If you don’t want a store-bought solution and instead want a homemade carpet cleaning solution for pets, here is a good recipe for that:

1 cup of warm water1/8 tsp dish soap (without bleach, oils, or moisturizers)1 tbsp white vinegar1 tsp baking soda. 

What is the best carpet pad for pets?

A carpet pad with a vapor barrier is the best carpet padding for pets. The vapor barrier will protect the pad and subfloor and prevent the pad from absorbing moisture. It’s also important to look for a low-VOC carpet pad to protect you and your pet from any potential adverse health effects.

What color carpet is best for pets?

It’s a good idea to choose multicolor carpet or patterned carpet when you have pets. Color variations and patterns do a better job of hiding dirt and pet hair compared to solid colors. Additionally, darker neutral colors are a better choice than light-colored carpets.

What type of carpet is best for dog hair?

A low-pile carpet is the best choice for dog hair because the fibers are short, so they don’t trap and hide dog hair and pet dander. Loop fiber carpets like Beber carpet are also recommended because the dog hair can’t easily embed into the carpet when the fibers are looped and densely woven.

How long do carpets for pets last?

Carpets last 10-15 years on average without pets. With pets, this lifespan could be shorter if you don’t have a carpet with protective features like stain resistance. If you have a durable carpet and you take care of it with the proper maintenance, you can expect it to last for more than a decade. Many warranties for pet-friendly carpet last as long as 20 years. 


Now you know what to look for in a pet-friendly carpet. It’s finally time to update your home with some plush carpet for your four-legged family member, and you can shop with confidence. Are you wagging your tail, eager to get started? Order some free samples from us today!


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