5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Flooring

Making a lasting impression is key to your commercial space. How does your place of business look? Are the floors taken care of, or could they use some attention to update your workplace? We have prepared five reasons to consider updating your commercial flooring.

1. Health

New flooring not only provides an update to the look and feel of your workplace, but it also helps prevent allergies and potential illnesses that could be trapped in your old flooring. Older floors could be holding dust, mold, and mildew. Installing a new floor will remove these elements from your space and provide a healthy new environment for all working or visiting.

2. Style

Upgrading older, out-of-date flooring to new stylish/modern flooring makes a big difference within a working environment. This simple upgrade can deliver a whole new look and feel, and not to mention functionality, to your location.

3. Cleaning

As you may know, a lot of time and resources are put towards cleaning and maintaining your floors. Especially with the onset of COVID-19, additional cleaning and sanitizing have become required in all workplaces. Upgrading your flooring to an easier to clean and maintain option will help with your overall time management and resources for these tasks.

4. Functionality

Consider your workplace area that may need an upgrade. Will this area be a high or low traffic volume? For high traffic areas, make sure you select a durable flooring choice that can withstand the elements. Additionally, choosing a new carpet solution may be an ideal option to help with soundproofing solutions.

5. Budget

Selecting a new flooring option does not need to break the bank. There are many reasonable options available and when you choose to work with Commercial Flooring & Interior Concepts, you will be partnered with a team member who will walk you through different options and provide recommendations that will work best for your location, needs, and budget.

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Kathy Robb